Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

10.15.14 Week 2 still in the MTC

October 15, 2014

Holy cow this week has been crazy!! A lot has happened since last Wednesday, and it stinks that I only have an hour to type it all! First of all, last thursday I got a call in the morning from the travel office at the Main MTC  building, (We are staying at West Campus which is 2 miles west of the main MTC) and they told me that my flight schedule and departure date had been changed, it looks like I leave October 29th for the Guatemalan MTC to finish my MTC training!!!!!!!! I am sooooo excited!!!! So that means that I only have one more P-day in America! Its crazy how fast things changed, originally I was leaving November 24th, which is two weeks after everyone in my district, but now Im leaving 1.5 weeks earlier than everybody else:) I cant believe my good fortune, originally when I found out that I was going to the Guatemalan MTC I was super stoked, but then I was honestly still excited when I got switched to the Provo MTC. But now, I get to experience both!! I fly out Wednesday morning two weeks from today for the Guatemalan MTC.

Our first investigator (Carlor) committed to baptism and even went to church with us which was way cool! We only had 4 lessons with him and he was reading the book of mormon, praying every night, and pondering the different stories and teachings within the scriptures. I was super proud of him, too bad that after 4 lessons we switched to another investigator, this one's name is Javier. Javier has been a little bit more difficult, he has some different views than the church, he has had some pretty bad family stuff going on lately, and he has been praying for help but he hasnt received an answer. We have only had one lesson with him, but so far he has committed to starting to read the book of mormon. It has been way cool getting to teach people in only spanish. It was hard at first, but after two weeks of doing it practically everyday you get the hang of it. Whats even cooler is that we are supposed to create our lessons. Obviously PMG has lessons in a certain order that is the ideal order they should be taught in, but our teachers tell us to use the spirit to determine what our investigators need to hear. I love that. Besides the teaching, learning the language has been actually fairly easy. I see the gift of tongues in action EVERYDAY. we have learned a new tense every day this week, and we use the language so much that all the information just sticks.

Another thing that happened this week was one of the guys in our district tore his ACL and Meniscus playing volleyball. Sadly he had to go home for surgery, and he has to stay home and recover for 6 months. It was heartbreaking watching him trying to be optimistic through all of the doctor appointments and X-rays. The night before he left we threw a huge party for him to cheer him up, afterwards he bore his testimony to us in a little fireside that we had. He is such a strong guy and he has such a strong spirit about him, we pray for him during every prayer we offer. Elder Murphy was our district leader, so they called a guy in our district who went to Highland High School down in Gilbert, Elder Etan, our new district leader, is a cool guy but I joke with him pretty often about how Campo is much better than Highland:)
Arm Wrestling Champ!

Last night the whole district decided to have an arm wrestling tournament!:) We have some pretty big guys, we even have a power lifter from ASU in our group. We made a bracket and everything, and the winner got free cold ones! (we buy IBC root beer and the creamery right down the street practically everyday, honestly the best way to relax.) So the tournament began, and before I knew it is was in the semifinals, It truly was a reward for my obedience to the MTC rules:)  Attached is a picture below of our brachet, I dont know how I pulled off the victory, but it was so much fun just getting to bond with the coolest guys in the world.

It was another great week at the MTC, If anyone would like to email me, use DEAR ELDER, it is a system where you can email me through this website and the MTC will print it off and give it to me that day, its nice so that I wont have to wait until next Wednesday. I continue to work and learn as much as I can, and I thank you for your prayers and support, Until next week


Elder McLeod

One Cool Group of Missionaries!

10.6.14 MTC Week 1

October 9, 2014

The past week has been awesome! My first week couldn't have been more eventful! Considering there is already 8 full pages in my journal so far, a lot has happened! My companion is a kid from Utah, his name is Elder Gurr, and he is a cool guy. We don't have that much in common, but what we do have in common is that we both love the Lord, love service, and love speaking spanish. We got our first investigator on day 3!! That is Friday so it was really only our second full day! Now we teach Carlos once a day for 30 minutes entirely in spanish and it is way cool. We make our own lessons to fit Carlos's needs, and we can't take notes in with us so once we go in there it's only spanish! Honestly, I have never prayed this much in my whole life! We pray every 30 minutes practically, and we sing hymns every 2 hours it seems like. I love it though, it has been quite an awesome experience. Hope to hear from you all soon, I can write letters every day so writing letters                                                                       is better than emails!!

                                              Sincerely,  Elder McLeod