Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

11.17.14 Week 2 in the Field

November 17, 2014

Hey everybody, the week has been so so so awesome!! Holy cow, so much has happened, the gospel is progressing up here in Salcaja! I hope everyone is healthy and doing well, I think about you often when I miss home, America seems so far away. This week we picked up another 10 investigators!! There is this family that owns the computer store that we email at every P’day. We started talking to them one day at the counter where we pay, and we ended up talking for half an hour! They were pretty intrigued, they told us to come back to the store the next night and visit with them some more, so we did. We ended up teaching about temples and eternal families, needless to say their family of 5 was excited=) Long story short, we visited with them a few more times, and then we invited them to church on Sunday and they came!! In our ward of 90 people at the most, a new family of 5 is a HUGE deal everyone was super nice to them and inviting, they loved it!! The parents had to go work at the store but the kids stayed for the whole 3 hours!!  They are coming next week and we are setting a baptism date with them next time for the 6th of December. This week we had 7 investigators at church with us!! My companion said that it was the most he has EVER had at one time in this area! The other 2 were Asusena, a woman we have a baptism date for the 6th of December with, and her granddaughter. All of our investigators loved church, and are coming back next week. The Branch President was stoked at the turnout!!

This week we had divisions, where the district leader, my companion, goes to a different area and switches with a missionary in that area for the day. I ended up getting Elder Peterson, a super athletic kid from Utah who played soccer in Europe for a month, he is a stud!! We got along really well, we did not have trouble finding stuff to talk about. Our first lesson was with a woman named Paula who my companion and I had tried numerous times to meet with but she was never home. She came out of her hotel and told us she only had 5 minutes because her dinner was getting cold. Hahaha, challenge accepted. We talked outside her hotel for 40 minutes she kept asking questions and surprisingly I was able to pull out Bible and Book of Mormon scriptures that perfectly answered her questions!! It was such a blessing. Elder Peterson who only has 6 months left did a lot of the talking, but when she would ask a question, I would whip out scriptures that answered her questions. Elder Peterson and I were in sync!! At the end she asked, “So when are you two coming back?” Needless to say we were stoked as we scheduled a day for my companion and I to come back. Our second lesson came by accident. As we were walking to get some quick food, we saw a young girl carrying a huge 50 lb bag on her head. We asked her if we could help her, and she let us help. We carried it pretty long ways, until she told us the spot she wanted it to be next to a light pole As we went on our way, further up the road we met a woman carrying the same type of bag on her head. We helped her and eventually met up with her daughter, the same girl, and again helped her but this time all the way to their house. We were invited in, and we were taught how to make corte!! It was so awesome making actually corte with the family!! Afterwards in thanks to us, the son Kevin gave Elder Peterson and I homemade Kites that he had made with reeds, yarn, and some plastic, they are so sick!! We taught them about the gospel and the Book of Mormon and about prayer, maybe next week they won’t be busy on Sunday and will be able to go to church with us.

This week has been so awesome, we walk about 10 miles a day now, but we teach so many people each day it’s insane! I love what we do, and I especially love the looks on peoples faces when they accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all and I love my family. I have to go, sorry this weeks is so short but I have to go, till we meet.

Elder McLeod