Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

12.8.2014 Another Week!

December 8, 2014

          I can´t believe it has already been another week! Honestly the weeks are starting to fly by, I dont want them to go by this fast, but time flies when you are having fun and staying busy. It sounds like everyone is doing well and preparing for the christmas holiday. I love this time of year, and so do the people of Salcaja. So far all of the catholic churches are completely covered in christmas lights, and practically every night there are huge fire works shows put on by the catholics, it is very different from Arizona. But I am loving every minute of being here!

            This week was the La Quema Del Diablo, it is a celebration, or a day of holiday. In this holiday, many of the middle aged men and older boys completely paint themselves different colors and dress in only underwear, these people then run around the streets and throw paint on people and try to rip other people´s shirts!! Everyone in the city goes to the city park right in the middle of the city for the main celebration with all of the diablos. We as missionaries are not allowed to go out of our houses for the 2nd half of the day, because the diablos will look for us and will paint us=) So, we were stuck in our houses, but we did get some good studying done and planning which was good. But, since we couldnt go see the devils and the festivities, we gave our cameras to some of the members who were going to the festivities, in the end we got to see the devils and the celebration after all!! Below I attached some photos!

              This week we went to go and contact Olet Estrada who we contacted on the bus last week. When we got there she wasnt home, but her father was. He told us to come back in an hour when she would be home. So we went and street/ door contacted for a little bit. We ended up getting 4 new investigators in the space of that one hour!!! Haha it was incredible, we were so lucky with every single person, we would knock on their door or start talking to them right in the moment that they had some time to listen to us. Usually at night everyone is busy feeding their children or working, so we were really lucky=) When we returned to Olet´s house, she still wasnt home, but instead we decided to teach her father Arrmando. He is a really funny guy, he swears A TON, but he is super outgoing and friendly and was really inviting to us. He does not go to church, and he is not catholic or evangelic, he is ready for us!! our talk with him went really well and he actually invited us back in a couple of days to teach HIM=) 

              The Gilton family didnt make any progress this week, yet again they did not show up to church. It is pretty frusterating, but we are going to keep on trying! Sunday night, we invited them to a christmas devotional by the first presidency at the chapel. The son Jimmy and Tony the employee of hermano Gilton came with us. They really liked the music, and Tony liked how the talks were all centered on christ. Besides this, the family did not make any progress this week, but I am praying that next week they will wake up and come with us!!

                This week we did divisions just between us four missionariees in our city for a couple of hours. I was able to go with Elder Saldana and teach Lacy a girl who is a house made and cook for a family in our ward. She is from momos, and that is where her family lives right now, momos is way up in the mountains an hour north. We taught her in the member´s home that she works in, and the wife was present. We taught the restoration, and because it wasnt me and my usual companion, i wast sure if we would teach as effectively. But, it went super well, and I actually understand most of the spanish that was spoken by elder Saldana and our investigator!! This is a huge blessing because usually everyone is talking so fast and that makes it a little difficult to understand, but this time I understand really well and I was able to speak what I wanted to say. She committed to pray about the church and joseph smith and the book of mormon, and to come again to church next week=) 

                 Everynight this week there have been tons of different fire works shows, some that even last for a full hour!! The people down here are already full blown celebrating christmas, and I love it! There are lights hung everywhere in the streets throughout the city, and practically everyone has their tree up in the livingroom with lights and ornaments on it already. During this season, the little El Es La Dadiva cards that we have are perfect conversation starters. Just this morning we contacted 4 people at the same time! Everyone here celebrates christ and his birth, which is exactly what is on our cards. I love seeing the looks on peoples faces when we talk about the birth and the importance of Christ. Our goal is to contact at least 10 each a day, and hopefully we will get more contacts and investigators. So far, the cards have been giving us lots of new investigators, the church really was so smart to launch the El Es La Dadiva video and cards.

                   This week went by really quickly, honestly the days go by so much faster than I remember 2 weeks ago! I cant believe it is already almost Christmas!!!! I wish you all a great week, and merry 2 weeks early christmas! Thanks for everything, for your emails, your love, and your support. Until next week!

                                           With Love,

                                         Elder McLeod