Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

2.3.15 Another Week!

February 3, 2015

Hey everybody how's it going! I hope that you all had a great week! I hope that everyone is in good health and that life moving along just as good or even better than last week. This week was very interesting, I definitely learned a lot. The mission is preparing me for the life ahead of me, haha sometimes it may be harder than we want, but we need opposition! (2 nephi 2. 11)

           We had another 2 lessons with Kevin this week, he is progressing, but he still hasn't received his spiritual witness yet. This is the toughest part, he reads all day and prays about it, but he still hasn't received his answer yet. We pray for him every single day, now its up to him and the promise in Moroni 10.

           This week we were supposed to have a baptism on Saturday, our first, but because of very weird circumstances, the baptism fell, and I am not sure if you will be baptized while I am here in this area. We are praying for her every day and hoping that things will work out in the end, the goal is that she is baptized, I just hope that  if she isn't baptized while we are here, that she will still end up being baptized. That was pretty hard, she has been our investigator for 2 months now and she was progressing so well, she was so close. But, we all need opposition and we all need to learn. In the Book of Mormon, all of the prophets we brought down super low right before they were brought up really high, always they were humbled and left with practically nothing right before a huge miracle occurred. This week has really been a really valuable week of learning, and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

             This week, actually yesterday, I had to take a trip down to the capital to sign my visa to be here in the country. That is why I didn't email yesterday, and why I am doing it now. In the capital we actually ate Wendys, haha holy cow was it heaven!! I havent had a burger and fries like that since Carls Junior back in Gilbert AZ!!!! The trip was fun, it is a 4 hour bus ride through the mountains to get there, and 4 hours back. We stayed in a hotel over night there in the capital (2 other elders and I), It was cool getting to know some other elders that have about the same time as I do.

            This week was tough, a lot of lessons fell through, but the lessons that were taught went pretty well. Our investigators are progressing, but it seemed like this week that everyone kinda stopped for some reason, haha Satan knows that we are so close with so many people, he is trying so hard! But we keep working, and I know that if we have faith and don't let our struggles or failures let us down,we will succeed. The work is progressing up here, slowly but surely. I love you all, thank you all for all that you do, you are the best.

Elder McLeod