Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

1.11.16 A week of little miracles

January 11, 2016

Hey everyone how's it going, hope you guys had another great week down in AZ, and all over the place. This week was pretty cool, we had a bunch of tiny miracles that i'm going to explain right now.

                So about 3 weeks ago we were contacting and we found a less active guy, about 21 years old, that had been baptized at the end of 2014. He was baptized in another area, but lives here in our area (exactly what you are not supposed to do). So we have been teaching him for a little bit now and we play basketball with him every monday. This week was so cool though because this week he received the aaronic priesthood=) He is now active, and attends church here with us where he should have in the first place. He has been talking to us about serving a mission which is super exciting! His name is Joseph

               But Joseph didn't get the priesthood alone, Diego did also!!!! it was so cool, the both of them back to back got the priesthood, callings, and assignments to bless the sacrament this next week!! This week Diego and Joseph are going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead, Diego is taking his member girlfriend to be baptized for his mom that died 10 years ago, he is super excited!

                This week Carlos completely changed his life, he said goodbye to his girlfriend's, stopped consuming things that are against the word of wisdom, he stopped talking with swear words, and he even acts and thinks differently! This week an evangelic pastor contacted Carlos in the street and invited him to his evangelic church, but carlos said, ¨¨sorry but no, I go to the Mormon Church.¨¨  his baptism is scheduled for this saturday, that is, if he passes the interview, we are pretty nervous about that because of his rough past, but he is super repented and wants to be a missionary, he even asked us for a white shirt and tie so that next week he can go to church looking good.

                The Sanchez family fame to church this week! They are progressing good, they are also going to come to our baptism this saturday so we are excited. they are reading the book of mormon and are going to church now so we will see what happens.

                 This week we had a ton of little miracles, honestly these past couple of weeks have been awesome! We have seen so many miracles it's crazy, the coolest thing is when someone gets to see the fruits of their labors as in baptisms, we hope to keep baptizing!! We have plans to keep baptizing but we will see what happens. I am growing and learning so much, i love the mission, it is such a blast!! I love you guys, i'll send pics next week when i have some to send to you. Thanks for your prayers and emails, keep the faith!!


Elder McLeod