Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

1.18.16 Quick Email Before Changes

January 18, 2016

Hey everyone i've got some news, looks like i've got changes tomorrow!! I only have one change here in this area, haha honestly we aren't sure whats going on, maybe im going to train or something, but it looks like i'm packing up and moving out of Xela. I'm not sure exactly where i will be going, but i have a feeling that i will be going back to HueHue but in a different zone.

                Carlos didn't get baptized cuz he didnt pass president smith's interview...... but in 2 weeks they will be talking again and it looks like he will be baptized after that, so ill send you guys pics when he gets baptized.

                Selvin is getting baptized the 30th and it is 100% going to happen unless he doesn't pass the interview............ haha but he will.  pictures will be sent when it happens.

               This week was an amazing week for us, we had 8 people in church with us! 2 families and a couple of individuals, we were super stoked and so were the members! This area is so awesome, i already love it so much, it's too bad that i am going to be having changes tomorrow=( But hey at least my people are going to get baptized this month and in February.

              This is super short because we are running around like crazy, but this next week i will have a lot more to tell you guys, and more time write. Love you guys a ton, keep going to church, and get ready for the super bowl!!!!! Haha i don't even know who's going, but you do so you better get ready for it.


Elder McLeod