Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

11.9.15 A Week of Huge Miracles

November 9, 2015

Hey fam and friends, hope you guys all had great weeks, I also hope that you are starting to get your christmas trees up because if you haven't, the Guatemalan people beat you. Thats right, all of the people you have money already have their trees up,so if you haven't put it up yet, it's time. Like the title says, we had some sweet miracles this week, here we go
               Miracle number one, Brenda. So my comp and I were praying for a miracle with Brenda so that she wouldn't have to move down to Xela and then come back in january. So this week when we were on divisions, another Elder and I were walking close to Brenda's house when I just got this feeling that we should go knock on her door (we had thought that she had already left for Xela like she had told us she was going to). So i knock on the door and this random guy answers and says, oh the mormons!! Brenda is next door if you'd like to go talk to her. So we went next door, where she was cleaning this other lady's house!!! I asked her why she wasn't in Xela, and she said, Well I got really sick this week and had to go to the hospital where they informed me that I have arthritis and that I need to take special medicine right now, where I live in Xela this medicine does not exist, So I am going to have to stay here for a while. HUGE MIRACLE!!!!!! So long story short, Brenda is still in the game!!! She is super young, (like 34) and she is super sick, it's not a good thing, but the lord works in mysterious ways=) She came to church again and said that everything is true, her daughter even participated in the primary program!!! Super Sick family,getting baptized for sure in weeks we pray!!
                 Miracle number two, Asusena. So this week when we were finishing the lesson with her, she told us out of nowhere, Can I bear my testimony with you guys? Well yes you can............. so she did,, I have been having to massage my baby boy because his body is not growing properly. This week we went to the hospital to see what else we can do, but all they said to us was that he is going to need surgery big time. So, I went home super sad, but I did what you guys said I should do If I feel like this, and I opened the book of mormon and read a bunch, and then I prayed for help. My baby is now perfectly ok, in 1 week everything went away after I read and Prayed, I know this book is true and I know that this church is true.                   Crying my eyes out this lady has a testimony=) Still can't get baptized because they aren't married. Work in progress.
                Right now our zone is killing it, we are progressing amazingly and us and the district leaders are super tight, one is even from seattle washington, he's a stud.

                My comp and I are doing really well, we are working super hard and we are showing faith and doing everything right, but it just seems like a never ending battle to find positive people. We have been searching and searching, but without much luck. So we have been struggling a little bit due to that, but we will continue to focus on our positive investigators (the chosen investigators), and on finding new people.
                 We are working hard, right now there isn't a ton to report other than the miracles that we had this week. Below I am posting some pics.Love you guys, have an awesome week, keep studying the scriptures!!

ELder McLeod