Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

7.13.15 Wait its already been another week..............

July 13, 2015

It's already been another week........... crazy! The time is flying up here in the mountains, I already have 4.5 months here in this village called cantel................ dang thats insane!! This past week a lot of really awesome stuff happened to us and we really experienced the power of prayer! I'm gonna jump into it
                So quick miracle update, Hector Mendez is back in the game!! You probably didn't know that he wasn't progressing, but ya for about 2 months he didn't talk to us and was never in his house............. but something crazy happened! We were praying all week for a miracle, or at least for a little bit of help, recently our area has gotten harder and harder, and we have been having a little bit of trouble here in Cantel. So we started to pray specifically to have something happen so that we would be able to continue teaching some of our less positive investigators. So like I said, we haven't talked to Hector in 2 months, but during the closing hymn in sacrament meeting, I look to the back of the chapel (like 50 feet back) and there sitting in a chair is Hector!!!! I did the biggest double take of my life, haha no joke! After the meeting I went and talked to him, this is what he told me, (The whole week is for working, but Sunday is for God, this is where I am going to be, I will be here every sunday, I promise) Ya my mind melted, almost cried. He stayed all 3 hours and loved it, he is now back to progressing with a baptism date for the 1st of August!!!! Super stoked, my comp and I were so excited, it was a miracle, God answers prayers!!

                So this week we did divisions with the Elders in Chikilaha. For those who don't know, divisions is when we change areas for 24 hours so that we can make sure that there are good things happening in their area and then help them in any way possible, it is such a blast. We had a couple of cool experiences while we were in Chiki, the first family we visited had a little girl that was sick in bed, she is 5 years old and named stephany, she had this little cough and apparently she is super sick, so she asked us for a blessing, literally the cutest little guatemalan girl in the world!!! We ended up getting a lot of doors slammed in our faces which was different in comparison with Cantel. We had a bunch of sick lessons which was cool, but the craziest p├írt was that for dinner we had nice sandwiches with AMERICAN A&W ROOT BEER!!!! ya the first time in 9 months that's happened to me, it was the greatest thing i've ever tasted. might been an addict now which isnt good, its a good thing that in Cantel that stuff doesn't exist.

                  So this week Noemi came to church for 2 hours which was awesome, and she brought her nephews!! In all they were about 5, but she was the oldest, the others were about 11 years old. But ya, she came to church which was awesome, we learned about the priesthood and the authority of God, she seemed pretty intrigued by this topic. IT was cool because she totally believes that what we taught made perfect sense, but in her evangelic church they do it in a completely different way. The only problem with her is that she isn't reading and praying.,...... it's a struggle with her, but we will keep fighting!!

                   Doris is progressing, and big things are happening with her. She really wants to be baptized, but she doesn't want to leave her loser boyfriend, it's a tough situation, but i think that she is close to a decision. This past week we visited her and talked about praying and reading the scriptures in order to find an answer to our prayers. It hit her hard i think, before she was just thinking and trying to make the decision personally, but now she is going to ask of the Lord, I feel that she is going to get an answer.

                   Alright something that will give you all a good laugh, one night we were passing a little store on the side of the street, and this little guy came flying out towards us!! He wanted to shake our hands and talk, even though he doesn't really speak spanish,just gibberish. Se we talked to him, and then took some pics with him!=) Haha I attached some pics below, but we ended up passing him again the next night, and yet again he came flying out super excited to see us............. and show us his new tie!! Haha he had put on a tie just to show us that he wanted to look like us=) Haha this guy is awesome and super super short, but really the people in general here would be legal midgets in the US.

                    This week wasn't that awesome of a week numbers wise, but miracles wise it was great=) IT was a really tough week, but it ended perfectly with an answer to our prayers, Hector is back in the game! I know that God listens to our prayers! He really has been watching out for us, we are so blessed to be in this little branch of about 60 active members! I love the mission and the midget people here, haha the culture, the food, the corte, everything is so cool, I have the best mission ever!

Keep the faith, love you all, have an awesome week!

Elder McLeod

ps, this guy only goes up to my plaque!!