Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

7.20.15 A big week of little miracles

July 20, 2015

Well it's been a really quick 7 days! The 4th of July seemed like it was yesterday but it's already been 2 full weeks.............. dang. Well things here in Cantel are getting interesting, I guess i'm gonna just start

           I'm gonna start with my comps bday. It was today actually, we got to go to Salcaja and do a BBQ with the zone as our ¨once a change¨ zone activity!It was so sweet, while we were there we actually got to play basketball, latinos and gringos, haha it really wasn't fair=) It was a super fun day and it's not even over, we are planning on celebrating tonight with a basketball game with some members and then we are ordering pizza up into the mountains again!!!

            So this week I got to do divisions with the zone leaders which was sick. His name is Elder Williamson, he is from Utah, and he is pretty darn cool. He came up here into the mountains with me in Cantel. It was pretty cool getting to see how the zone leaders do their stuff, they are stinkin smart! He is a super funny guy so we had a great time teaching, contacting, and walking to lessons together. Towards the end of our divisions, him and I were able to put 2 more baptism dates!!! Read the next paragraph and I'll explain

              Ya so Elder Williamson and I put baptism dates with Dilma and her daughter!!! Their date is for the 22nd of August, they are reading and praying every day, they are coming to church, could it be that they will receive testimonies?? Heck yes!!!! They are doing all of the right things, when we got there to teach them and we asked if we could start with a prayer, Dilma the mom who is 8 months pregnant  immediately got on her knees and invited us to do the same=) Haha we were going to do it too......... haha just shows you how badly she wants to know if the church is true=)

              This week we started teaching the guy named Jovanny who is 19 years old. He is a friend of almost all of the youth in the branch which is awesome. We started out by asking him questions and these are some of the things that he told us.  

I do not assist any church, I don't know what the true church is!
I  like your church
I know that God will answer me
I want to be baptized this week

          He didn't say the last one, but all the others he did indeed say! We taught him almost all of the restoration and he accepted to pray and ask god if it was true. He is positive, but we will see what happens with him this week, he has already come to church one time with a member, hopefully we comes with us this week.

             So this week we lost water to our house for 2 full days which was a little weird. Haha the water came out of the sink and shower literally black........... it was nasty but it's whatever in a 3rd world country. Luckily it came back on, showering is glorious

           Something that I learned this week that blew my mind during personal study. So I was recently thinking, why don't we earn money in our callings in the church? Why does every other church have paid ministers, but ours doesn't? Well, before I told President that we should start to get paid, I went to the bible, and I found some pretty amazing stuff! 1 thessalonians 2.  8-9, study it and realize that the apostles didn't just teach the gospel, but they really loved the people. They worked JOBS OUTSIDE OF THE CHURCH day and night so that they could preach without receiving money, they didn't get paid for teaching ladies and gentleman.   Now look up 1 corinthians 9.  18. Paul is teaching, he says that his reward is not money, he doesn't charge money because he isn't going to try to use his power as the preacher to do wrong. Well, I guess that missionaries won't be earning money any time soon.......... haha but that's how it should be.

              This week an investigator in Zunil that had a baptism date called us and totally bailed out on us, he is moving, he doesn't want anything to do with us, he is done. It was a shocker and pretty tough, and couldn't have come at a worse time. Its tough, but it only makes us want to work harder to actually find someone who is READY for the gospel in their life. I know that we will find that person, maybe even this week if we show enough faith.

            Well if I were to give you all a little inspiration for the week, it would be, gain God's confidence. Just think about what that really means for a second. He is all powerful and knows all, he CAN do all, but only does all when we EARN it. According to how much confidence he has in us to do his will, he will bless us with everything that we need. So, do we really have God's confidence? Just think about it, then go out and earn it=)   I love you guys, have a stinkin awesome week, almost 10 months down!!

hasta ver

Elder McLeod