Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

8.17.15 A cool surprise on sunday

August 17, 2015

Hey everybody how's it going! This last week was literally a rollercoaster of emotions, good and bad, but mostly good. I am finally starting to get adjusted to Calvario a littler bit, something that I love here is that everyone gives us AMAZING FOOD! The members here have a little bit of puac (money in Quiche) so they always spoil us which is awesome, literally a first for me in the mission. The downside is that working super hard and eating a ton of good food gets your legs strong, but leaves you with no time to work out so everything starts to get a little fat, but i can focus on that stuff in 14 months.
              OK so i'll start off by talking about this week as a whole, it started off amazing, lots of visits, lots of new investigators, and lots of member support. But when we hit thursday, that's when the roller coaster began. Haha literally satan was on steroids this week cuz NOBODY was home for their visit from the missionaries. So that was pretty tough, walking in the heat all day but with practically no one to visit, but on Sunday things got better. So we have this investigator that we started teaching last week whose name is Oscar. Oscar is like 45 years old, single, and has had an alcohol problem for most of his life, leaving his brain a little damaged. When we teach him we have to repeat everything like 5 times so that he will understand it, but when he does understand it he tells us that is true. He really wants to change his life, he wants to give up alcohol and start working again so that he can sustain himself, right now he lives with his niece and she doesn't let him leave the house because if he does, he comes back a little tipsy. So, he came to church last week which was awesome. But this week he also came to church................. in church shoes, dress pants, a white button up shirt, and a tie that we had to tie for him!!!!! It was awesome, as we walked into the building, all of the members kinda stared at him and smiled, we didn't tell him to dress like that, he just wanted to! He was evangelic from the start, so after every talk or prayer in sacrament meeting he would yell out AMEN or JESHUA!!!! ( which is Jesus in the language of Israel apparently) Super funny guy, makes me laugh. He has a baptism date for the 29th of august, on sunday he told us that if he is alive and if God allows him, he will be baptized on that day, haha again he makes me laugh. So here is the best part, we have to stay with him always because his family is still afraid that he will escape and return drunk, so after church he was talking with all the members outside of the building, when suddenly he disappeared!!! We were so scared, we thought that he had gone to go drink, we called his house and he wasn't there, and the members had no clue where he had gone. ABout 3 hours later he returned to his house.................... completely sober, with his book of mormon in hand, and a huge jug of water in the other for his family, haha he passed the test!!!!! He is our most positive investigator right now, but by next day we are praying that we will be able to find more people.
                        So this week we met John Lennon. If you aren't familiar with who John Lennon is, then you don't know who the beatles are, and you don't know music whatsoever.  Ya, so obviously it wasn't the actual John Lennon, but it was his identical twin, literally this guy looks EXACTLY like John Lennon when he had his hair super straight and to his shoulders with his big round black sunglasses on. This guy is super hippy, his whole life is music and probably a little bit of marijuana, and he justs walks the streets all day and plays his acoustic guitar, he isn't homeless, that's just what he likes to do. Well we got to talking to John Lennon in the park a couple of days ago, and he was preaching to us about how people nowadays are robbing the tithing of the churches and how offerings should not be for the church leaders, but for God to uses to bless other people, this guy was spot on! So we explained in about 20 the organization of the church and how it is sustained by tithing and the system that goes with it, also we explained offerings. I think we blew his musical mind, he was agreeing with us after every word. Today he might be moving back to where he is from to look for work, but if he doesn't we are going to continue teaching John Lennon and maybe even have a jam sesh with him.
              THis week we contacted a billion people, and we actually found a couple of really positive people. As I explained before, we didn't get to visit them, but this next week we are going to do it for sure. Ok big news, tomorrow we are going to the temple!!!! I am super stoked,  we only do it every 6 months, this will be my 2nd trip in the mish. We have to leave at 6 in the morning to get down to Xela in time, but it will definitely be fun! Also, next monday we are going as a zone to the lamanite ruins of Zaculeu!!! Im super pumped for that too, here in my zone there are lamanite ruins, but these ruins are the biggest in the whole mission! They are ancient temples from the times of the nephites/ lamanites, i will send pics next week for sure.
                     I know that this letter is small, but these past 2 weeks here have been nose to the grindstone. We are working hard, having fun, and seeing the blessings. Im sure that next week i will have more to talk about, this week we are going to kill it. I love you all, hope you all have an awesome week, from little things great things come to pass, so read those scriptures and say your prayers, they are more important than we think.

Love you all, hasta ver

Elder McLeod