Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

8.3.15 Wow even bigger miracles exist...........

August 3, 2015

Well this week ridiculous!!! A lot of people didn't accept us into their houses, there was some crazy rain, and a lot of investigators weren't in their houses. NOW, here are all the good things that happened.

              This week we received an awesome reference from the other elders in our district! They were in Xela for health stuff when they contacted this sick family who ended up living within my area!! They live pretty far, like 30 minutes by bus from our house, but tuesday we went out to go and find the house. So we went out and got to a point where we didn't know where we were, we were 30 minutes from the house, and we didn't have a phone number for this family, we only knew the name of his city. So i tell my comp, we should get off the bus and ask here in this little store. So we ask, and it turns out we were in the city of the family. So we went to the next store and asked if they knew where the right sector was, they didn't. So we went to the third store and asked, but this time I asked if they knew the family by name. The guys response was awesome, he just pointed his finger across the road and up the side of the mountain and said, that is their house. It was such a lucky find! Really it was like God needed us to visit this family. So we got there and talked to them, and what do you know, we ended up staying there for 2 hours answering questions and teaching only part of the restoration!!!! So we went back on friday and finished the restoration with a crazy awesome result, this little family of 4 wanted to come to church this last sunday!!! Sadly, only 2 of the 4 came, but the 2 that did absolutely loved it! They stayed all 3 hours, and when my comp and I had to leave, they were still there talking with members and enjoying it all!!! It was such a cool experience, they have baptism dates for the 29th of august but we will see what happens.

             Noemi....................... We have been fighting with her for 4 months now!! It has been a crazy journey, but the journey ends tonight at 7 pm=) I am not going to say what happened, that is for my homecoming talk=) BUT, just so yall know, she is going to be baptized tonight, and she asked me to baptize her! I am so stoked because she has a REAL, and FIRM testimony of this church. She will not fall away, God answered her prayers. Next week you will see pictures, but I will tell the full story next October=)

             So last night President Smith called me to tell me that I have changes, so it looks like I will be saying goodbye to what's been my home for the past 5 months. I will definitely miss this area and the people. But what better way to leave an area than have a miracle baptism your last night=) It will really be the best experience ever, We are so happy=)  So we will see where I end up, I honestly hope that I get sent far out there................ in the jungle. But we will see, wherever I end up I know that it will be the right place for me and that there will be people ready to be taught.

            Sorry this weeks email is super short, but we are practically out of time! Sorry about the title line and then not explaining what the huge miracle was, but don't worry I will definitely be sharing it in my homecoming talk. Love you all, keep the faith, help the missionaries!!!!


Elder McLeod

ps. here is a pic of some mayan carvings, sick stuff. It is is a secret mayan rock collection place in the forest, ya we found it all by ourselves