Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

9.21.15 Generator Powered Church Buildings

September 21, 2015

Hey family, friends, and everyone else that I love I hope you had an awesome week!!! We are already in week 3 of september, so that means that High School football is about half way over, man the seasons go by too fast, and so does the mission!
             Ok so this week Eveline made huge progress!!! A member family invited her over for FHE which she really liked........... like a lot......... but her husband is still kinda anti mormon. So, we had an awesome lesson with her and a member that is young and has a baby also, the spirit was strong, and she accepted to go to church! So when we went to go pick her up sunday morning, she was ready to go with her coat in hand, but her husband wasn't there. She said, to our surprise, ¨my husband is just finishing getting ready, go and we will catch up in our car.¨so, a little stressed out, we went without them. They arrived after the sacrament finished up, and we brought them in to sit with us like halfway up the benches in the middle. They really like the meeting and the organization! Their kids loved primary afterwards, and they really enjoyed our gospel principles class that we taught!!! They had to leave after the 2nd hour, but when we tried to put an appointment with Eveline, her husband said, ¨why at 3 pm, I won't be able to be there, why don't we do it at 11 am so that I can be there.¨It was a miracle!! I think they both were really intrigued by our service and how the members interacted with them. The members were on the ball, we ran around before the meeting assigning people to go and talk with them and shake hands and become friends=) Haha, usually the members here don't take the initiative too often, so we were running around making assignments So that they HAD to go and talk to our investigators!=)
                 This week we got caught in the rain a couple of times, haha The rain here is so cold, but usually the weather is so hot so the change is nice.
                 Oh ya, so with all of the storms and stuff, Sunday morning the power went out all over HueHue. So, our first sunday with our new family in church for the first time was going to be a disaster, but, some pilas members decided to bring a gas generator and hook it up to the church building!!! (didn't know that was possible), but it is, so we had half of the lights on in the chapel, and the microphone worked liked 95% of the time, it was a miracle!!!!
              Ok so quick surprise, about 5 weeks ago I hurt my knee,  but I didn't think much of it. So we've been working like normal for 5 weeks now......... but it's still been hurting. So the mission sent me into the doctor today in the morning, and what do you know, it turns out that I slightly tore a ligament in my right knee. Its nothing serious, but all of the pictures you see of me in the near future will include my robotic looking knee brace that I will have to wear for a while. I am SUPER lucky that it was nothing super serious, I know that I am being watched over by guardian angels!

             Things in our area are really starting to pick up, we are getting really excited about all of the stuff that has been happening recently, the future has big things in store for this area!!! Our zone, even though it is fairly new, has been killing it lately!!! It has been so cool doing interviews and getting to meet people for other areas in our zone that have true testimonies of the true church of christ. Honestly that is one of my favorite parts about the mission, is doing baptism interviews for other areas and getting to listen to the testimonies of people who recently have received answers that this church is true. They are always so strong and spiritual, it is the best!
                This week was one of the best weeks we have had here so far in Calvario! We are loving the mission, it is honestly the coolest experience!! Until next week!


Elder mcLeod