Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

9.28.15 Another Week In Paradise

September 28, 2015

Literally where I am is paradise right now, haha the members give us so much food and it is the best food i've ever had in the mission, but every day=) I love our area, it is improving little by little, this week we had some pretty big breaks!

         Ok so This guy named Jeffrey is 19 years old, he works for a member in his taco stand, this kid is a stud, pro chef and soccer player! The member family has been trying to get him to go to church forever now, but without success. So, this week when we went to go and teach him for the first time without the members present, we just said, ¨¨ look, I wouldn't go to a church that I know nothing about, don't worry about it. So, we are going to explain to you what we believe in and what is the mormon church, and then if you feel like you should come, you are invited.¨¨ Well long story short, he came to church on Sunday!!! It was awesome, he loved it, and is reading the book of mormon! He is super positive, we are thinking about a Mid october Baptism if he keeps progressing like he is.

            Ok so we have been teaching this crazy lady for about 2 weeks now, but this week we had some serious breakthroughs with her!!! She actually told us her name, she wouldn't tell it to us before, she is super reserved/ different. So she told us her name, and this morning after we taught her, she offered her first prayer in front of us!!! It Was huge, she has NEVER prayed in front of us before, this was a big step for her. It was a small and simple prayer, but we were so happy afterwards. THis week she wants to go to church, but first she wants to get to know the bishop, don't know why, but she is super insecure so if she has to meet our awesome bishop first before she comes on sunday, so be it.

           Eveline and Carlos are progressing really well, the problem is that This sunday they bailed on us with the whole church thing, and they did it while we were standing in the door of the church building waiting for them............... we were super bummed, But at least they are reading and praying and can't wait for us to go visit them again shortly.

            Haha so i've got something crazy to tell ya, so a couple of nights ago, I walked out of our bedroom to go turn all the lights off, when out of the corner of my eye in one of the smaller study rooms, I saw a dark shadow move.............. So I flicked the light on and found a HUGE rat!!! So nasty, so I shut the door and put a blanket on the bottom crack of the door to trap it inside. I called my comp over, and we planned out how we were going to get rid of it. Long story short, we filmed what is the funniest 4 minutes of my life! All you can see is a rat flying around the room (by ground and sometimes by air) and us running around with a broom and a dustpan (the only things we thought to go grab at the time). It was hilarious, and in the end we got the situation taken care of. (picture at the bottom)

              This week was an awesome week, even though our family bailed on us for church, 3 other people came which was super great=) I am doing good, I am healthy, my knee is starting the healing process, and the mission life is good. Love you all, miss you guys, have an awesome first week of October and general conference!!

Elder McLeod