Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

5.11.15 Changes

May 11, 2015

Hey everyone hope that you all had an awesome week! THis week was super sweet for us also, we got to skype our families and see the siblings and everything, it was great! We comp even spoke to my dad for a little bit in Spanish and they talked back and forth which was so cool!! Ya so this week was awesome, but not only because we got to call the family, but because we had some other awesome stuff happen to us.
      This week my comp and I both got asked friday night if we would give talks on sunday! I have never really given a talk in spanish before, and never in my life a talk for at least 15 minutes!!! Well we accepted the invitation and on sunday we both gave our talks, him first and Yo second. It all went well, hopefully they understood what I was saying and that I actually made sense haha, but it was such a cool experience talking for 15 minutes in front of our whole ward of about 80 people=) Of course like the cry baby that I am I ended up getting a little emotional, but what was weird was that everyone was silent, like they had never seen anyone break down during a talk before, everyone went dead silent even the 1 thousand crying kids went quiet, it was such a cool feeling, the spirit was THERE. The greatest feeling though was afterwards when different families and people came up to us thanking us for our words and for the feelings that they felt during our talks. Even if  we never baptized in this mission, it would be just as satisfying to hear people say that to us as to baptize. One lady even told us that her testimony had been strengthened, what a humbling experience, to actually be blessed to be part of the testimony building of others!!!!! IT wasn't us that did it, it was the spirit 100%, that is what teaches, testifies, and confirms to the people the truth.

     This week we received an awesome reference from a part member family in Pachaj, an aldea behind our little aldea where we live. The husband of the active member wife is not a member, neither are the husbands of the three daughters of the wife! The best part is that the husbands are super interested and want to learn about the church and if it is true or not, golden!!! We are going on thursday of this week to visit them and hopefully put a baptism date, I feel that they could be really really positive!

    This week something really cool happened, we have a lot of investigators that have not been progressing forever so we were about to drop them when................. magically they all found desire to start reading the book of mormon this week!!! Literally in one day we taught 4 different investigators that had all randomly begun to read the book of mormon, obviously we have taught the importance of it and everything before, but the problem is that everyone says that they never have time, even when you ask them if they have 5 minutes in a day, they say no. It definitely was a miracle, a couple of them even assisted our mother's day activity this week which was a huge step!

      About 2 months ago, I went on divisions to the zone leaders area. we visited a family of 3 girls, a mom and her 2 already grown up daughters about 22 and 18 in age. They are all members in this area, but all are inactive. When we taught them it was obvious that they weren't going to go back to being active in their ward, so, I said, ´´well what's important is that you all assist church and keep your covenants, not where, well i guess you all should come to my ward!!´´ Haha the funny part is that 2 of the 3 have reactivated and assist our ward every week!!! It's been so cool to see them in church practically every sunday, they aren't super strong yet, but at least they are assisting church every week and renewing their covenants.

       Here in Cantel the investigators are doing good, a lot of them are reading the book of mormon, the hard part is just getting them to assist church. one investigator told us that he would come this last week, but then didn't cuz he had a promise that he forgot about. On sunday we saw him drive by in the back of a pickup with a snapback and a tank top on  on his way to the coast to go to the beach, haha they really don't understand the importance of church attendance and the sacrament. pues lucharemos!!!!

        Ok so this week are changes, last night we got the changes update. 5 elders and 2 sisters have changes............. luckily neither me or the kid have changes!! Looks like I will get to finish his training if everything goes according to plan!=) We are super happy, today we celebrated with the other elders by going to Mcdonald's! Hha in the states rarely do we go to Mcdonald's to celebrate something, but here you have to have money to be able to eat at Mcdonalds!!  We are super excited to be able to be comps for a little bit longer. Rumor is that this will be my last change here because i've got 7 months here in this zone, but we will see what the Lord wants in 6 weeks time.

      I love Cantel, I love Guatemala, I love rice and beans and chicken, I love corte, I love the kid,  I love teaching people and feeling the spirit everyday, I love the mission!!!!! I wouldn't rather be anywhere else than  right where I am. I love you all also, thanks for the prayers and the emails, I love hearing from all of you that email me, and if you don't email me you definitely should!!! conner.mcleod@myldsmail.net

Have a great week, until next monday!!
Hasta Ver,

ELder McLeod