Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

5.25.15 This Week...

May 25, 2015

Hey everybody how's it going!!! This letter is going to be really short because today we got here really late, i won't have a ton of time to dig into the week, but i'll give the updates and talk about the cool stuff we did.

           This week we had 5 people come to church!! First time in a long time that 5 have come, it was sweet=)

           This week we met up with a less active family that has been reactivating, the three daughters have boyfriends and babies and live together, and the boyfriends aren't married but want to be members........... haha it's a mess, first they have to get married so we will see how that goes, but one of them has a baptism date so that is exciting!

            This last week was the 1st time in 3 months that i have been sick, and both my comp and I were super sick haha. One day we had probably 6 lessons, we were visiting a ton, and when we left our last lesson we took our temperatures and found that we were at 103! haha we were only still walking by the will of the Lord! I have since recovered almost fully, but my comp no, we are going to go into Xela this week and get him looked at by a doctor.

           This morning we took a bunch of the youth and we hiked up in the mountains until we reached the huge 19 metal towers!!! haha it is a famous place because it is super pretty and super hard to get to, but after about 3 hours of hiking we got there!!!! Super good exercise that I haven't done for a while haha, but I cant upload pics because the computer won't read the memory card, next week i guess.

             This past week i had the chance to actually leave my area on divisions for the second time in my mission, I went to Chikilaha which is super close in Xela just the next valley over=) We had some awesome lessons, and we also found a mayan statue!!!! I put a picture below, it was super awesome, don't know if it was real, but the people worship them so we were in and out fast, but it was a pretty cool find.

              This week was a tough week of just work work work, my comp and i agree that this week was definitely hard on us physically, but we know that the blessings will be so worth it at the end of it all so we just keep on working! I love you guys, my testimony is growing so much every day/ week it's crazy. I love the mission, I love studying the scriptures and talks from the prophets, I love finding people that are ready to change their lives, and I love you guys=) Thanks for everything, keep the faith! Next week's letter will be longer I promise!!!

Hasta ver,

Elder McLeod