Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

4.27.15 Its the Big One!!

April 27, 2015

Hey everyone hope that you all had an awesome week!!! Up here we definitely killed it this week, we are so dead tired it's not even funny, but that is a good thing. We are working super hard up here for the Real Boss making the big bucks. I guess I'm just going to jump into this week, This week we went and visited hector again, he is doing really really well, but still not assisting church. We think that by the end of May he will be assisting church, but that seems like so far away! That's ok, if I am learning something here with Hector it certainly is patience, we will continue to visit him weekly and teach him. He is reading the book of mormon every day which is HUGE!! He is great, he will have a testimony of this church in no time!!!!

          We had the chance to go down to Zunil again this week which was so sick. We went with a member to go and visit a family that he knows. As we were knocking at the door of the non member family, I noticed this lady and her husband get out of their car about 10 yards directly in front of us, across the street. I felt this urge that we needed to go and talk with them, so when the non member family didn't answer the door, I told my comp and the member, and we went across the street to go talk with the husband and wife. Haha they were almost into their car when I yelled out BUENAS!!!!! haha looked like they were trying to escape, but NOPE!! We contacted them, and immediately they took interest in us and invited us into their house to talk with ALL of the family, this is pretty rare down here in Guatemala so we were super stoked. Turns out they don't assist any church which is just as rare, so we taught them the restoration in spanish/quiche!! It was so awesome, they even accepted a book of mormon and to read in!! They aren't going to be baptized this month, but I feel like we planted a very important seed in their lives!

           This past friday something amazing happened here in our little rama in Cantel............... we had a baptism!!!!!!!! Haha finally! Man my kid is so spoiled, only 3 weeks in and he has a baptism under his belt, na it was so awesome to finally see someone that I have been nurturing for 2 months finally take the next step and get baptized. Lilly and Dorus didn't get baptized, eventually they will, but Dorus son Johnson did! It was so awesome, we had a baptismal ceremony and everything, we even had 13 members come which was exciting haha. But of course, along with the custom here in Guatemala, everyone arrived an hour late, right after the baptism ended, so when we left the room we were greeted by 30 or so people that had decided to come but just an  hour late. One of those being the branch president haha, the people here aren't very punctual with their time=) But ya, it was such an awesome opportunity to walk down into the water and baptize this guy, the spirit was THERE and it was so cool, we even had a family of investigators come that we had invited earlier that day. I would send a picture of the baptism and the family but I can't, the computer won't accept the memory drive so I guess that next week I will have to send it. The family of investigators that came have baptism dates for the end of may so we will see what happens, hopefully they keep assisting church and reading the book of mormon.

             This past week we started something new here in Cantel. We started family home evening monday night in the chapel for all of the people that don't do family home evening at home but would like to. We started with a lesson and song and prayer, then we went and played basketball outside on the court! It was a blast, we had a turnout of about 11 people, not bad for our first time, we even had someone bring a non member friend which was great. Tonight we are going to have our 2nd annual family home evening by the missionaries, I pray that more and more people will come, but more importantly I pray that more and more families here in Guatemala will choose to have family home evening, even at the expense of our monday night family home evening.

           This week was awesome! My comp and I are in good spirits and in great health which is always a blessing. It was awesome to see my kid super excited to have his 1st baptism, he may be spoiled, but he is the greatest comp/ kid ever and I am glad that he got to experience that in his first month in the field. Well looks like this is what we did this week, we taught a ton of people in tons of different areas and areas, worked hard, and finally had a baptism. Love you all, keep the faith, email me when you've got a sec I love hearing from my ward/stake family down in good ole AZ.

Hasta Ver,

Elder McLeod