Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

4.13.15 Week 2 with the new kid

April 13, 2015

Hey guys hope that everyone is doing great! THis week marks 2 weeks ya with my kid Elder Cano, he is such a stud! This week was literally a miracle week with a lot of success, the Lord was really watching out over us this week!

              We went back with Mario, our ward mission leader, to visit Juan Garcia and his wife this week. We taught the word of wisdom and how it will bless their lives and the life of their daughter, it went really well and they were super excited to come to church! The miracle is that they actually came and stayed for all 3 hours!! ANd most importantly, they really liked it!! The members really were nice and inviting, and Juan and his wife said that they just really liked how they felt, definitely an awesome experience for all! Juan has a baptism date for the 25th of April, but I think that it will be moved to the first week in May which is ok with me as long as he gets baptized=) They are reading the book of mormon every night and are loving it, progressing well and building their testimonies, they are such a great family. They have a little girl who has 7 years, thankfully she really like church too, they are such a great little family!! The cool part is that when Juan is baptized and has the priesthood he will be able to baptize his little girl!=)

            Finally this week we had the chance to go back with Hector! He is doing super well, as I started out just telling him how much he means to us and how much the gospel will bless his life he just started bawling, it was hard for us to hold it together, but we did, and we were able to teach the restoration. He accepted a book of mormon and told us that he is going to read it and study it and pray about it every night!!!! What a stud, he really wants to know for himself if this church is true or not. He didn't accept a baptism date specifically, but he accepted baptism! We think it will be for the end of May after he can actually start assisting church with us. He is going to have the greatest and strongest testimony ever, I just know it!

           This week was crazy because we ended up having close to 20 lessons, and most of them were with members! This was our plan, to try and use the members more and teach their friends/ references, I know that we are going to have huge success with this new plan, with time we will see the results. We are working hard and efficient, this week we even started taking a lot of different youth from our branch to go and visit with us. It was a ton of fun! They introduced us to some of their friends and they got some really good experience going out and seeing what the missionaries do every day. If anything, the youth of our branch are going to hopefully want to become missionaries one day which will really strengthen this branch, I know that one day this branch will be a huge, strong ward with lots of strong families.

          Haha this week our electricity went out like 2 or three things, haha I guess it's just all part of the experience=) The whole mission experience is such a blessing, not just the teaching and missionary part. The living on your own, buying your own food, maintaining a house, and haha all of the things that go wrong like losing your electricity for a couple of nights, it's all just one big awesome missionary experience! Thanks to everyone's prayers and thoughts, my comp and I have been in perfect health since he has been here, since I came here to Cantel I've actually had a lot better health, but never perfect like I do right now.

          This week we worked super hard and saw a lot of little miracles with investigators, the members are really started to take part in the missionary work here, there are days where it seems like they are just throwing out references to us, it really is a miracle and such a huge blessing here, I know that we are going to see a lot of success here in Cantel.

          I guess I'll write a little bit of an update on my kid, he is doing really really well. This week we invited some investigators to be baptized and they accepted! He is starting to understand when and what examples to use, he loves just bearing his testimony which is huge!!!!! He loves to study and learn, and he loves to be obedient which is awesome=) He only has two weeks, but by the end of the time that we will have together he could easily train, this kid is a work horse!!! Out of all the comps that I have had, Elder Cano and Elder Herrera (the Elder that finished my training) have been my favorites, and they have both been Latino!!

          This week was one of those put your nose to the grindstone weeks, and it was awesome. I know that things are improving here, and I can't wait until next week to report to y'all about the progress that was made here in Cantel Guatemala. Love you all, keep the faith, and try to go to the temple once a week, you will find peace and the spirit.

Until next week,

Elder McLeod