Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

6.6.16 Best Changes Of My Life, And Probably My Last Changes

June 6, 2016

 Hey everyone, everything has changed so drastically! I  hope you all had good/exciting weeks, cuz i definitely did and im gonna tell you exactly what happened this week. 

                So, as the title says, I just had the best changes of my life! I am now in the middle of Xela, we are in zone xela centro, so we are right in the heart of xela. my area is called Calvario, and it is the best area in Xela! This is the assistants old area, the only reason they arent here now is cuz president thought it was a little too small for them to maximize their potential, so they got changed out, but this area has always been the assistants area for years and years! And with good reason, heres why,
. everyone here is a return missionary, or a super active and super faithful convert
. ALL of the members, including the youth, are super engaged and focussed on missionary work
.There are always activities!! And we really dont need to do that much, the members plan everything!!
. All of the members ABSOLUTELY LOVE the missionaries, they love us, my first day i cried cuz i had never felt so loved in all of my mission by members of the church
. THERE IS FOOD, oh my gosh there is food, my first night i orded pizza hut just to make sure i wasnt dreaming, I ate pizza that night.
.All of the members offer to give us food, practically fighting and falling over each other to give us food, its amazing, i feel so loved/lucky.
. There is NO market, so there can be NO market on sunday, I love XELA!!!!!
                 So obviously im in paradise. I realize that this is probably my last area considering that ive only got 3 changes left including this one, so my comp now is probs my 2nd to last comp. My comp is Elder Backer, he is from Nicaragua and is awesome. He was in my zone in Calvario Huehue about 8 months ago, so I know how he is, he is great. 

                  So we are having a baptism this week on thursday!!!!! Its a reactivated family, and the 17 year old daughter isnt a member, so this thursday shes gettin dunked. then next week we will be baptizing another person, shes 18, and she has been ready for a while, she just needed to turn 18 to get baptized and this week she will be completing 18.

                  This week we found a ton of new people just by contacting, its amazing how many people are prepared here, literally I feel so blessed to be able to be here. My health has improved a ton, i am almost back to normal. 

                   Hey I love all of you guys! This gospel is true, If you arent sure if the commandmants are were the struggle, just test them out! Many times christ has commanded us to try him on his word, just try it out! I know you will be blessed and will never want to go back. Have an awesome week, know that i always pray for you all. We actually have to go right now, but ill email you next week with more info on our area and whats going on here in calvario xela. Peace!!


Elder McLeod