Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

10.5.15 Week of General Conference

October 5, 2015

Hey everyone hope you loved the weekend of conference!!!! Can't believe we got 3 new apostles, numbers 98 99 and 100 of all time, the interview with them was awesome (right after the saturday afternoon session), they are definitely nervous, but they will be great apostles  i'm sure.

              So this email won't be super long today so I might do some important bullet points.
  .    This week Cristy, Jeffrey, and Geronimo went to church/ conference!!! Surprisingly, Cristy loved it! We were so pumped, she even came to both of the saturday sessions! Oh ya, so of course my comp and I did the gringo room again which was amazing, we did it all of saturday and then on sunday we tried it in spanish in the chapel...................... long story short we went back to the gringo room, it's just a different conference in english.
  .  This week we had interviews with President Smith, it went great. He is so happy about the progress our zone has made in this past change, it went from the worst zone that's wise to actually leading the mission!!!!! We were so pumped, our zone is killing it!
     . This week Jeffrey accepted a baptismal date for the 24th of October! We are excited for him, he has attended church 2 weeks in a row  now so he is progressing really well!
      . Oh ya and this week I completed a year!!! It was an awesome year, but there are SO many more miracles to come! (pic below)

      . So due to the crazy rain/flash flood storms we have had, we finally have enough water to have running water showers! What a blessing, something that we take for granted in the states, but here it is a miracle in itself.

       .  My knee has been healing well, it's going to be a long recovery, but at least it isn't hurting as much. I've been doing everything right, I even ice it with a tin bag of refried beans that I freeze in the freezer during the day!
         .  Oh ya, Eveline had a miracle experience happen to her this week, she is still in shock, and haha I am sure she knows the church is true now. Savin it for the homecoming talk sorry=) Her and her husband are progressing well, they love the church, and they love what we teach them!! This week I took a picture of my comp. and their kid Charlie, literally the cutest kid ever, 2 years old!
                  This week was a great week, not just for my comp and I, but for our zone as a whole. Conference was such a blessing like always, even though president monson is having a hard time standing up there, he is powerful like always. This week I watched the movie of President Monson called. On the Lord's Errand. Wow that guy has such an amazing life!!! If you haven't seen it, I recommend that you see it so that you will be able to understand a little bit more who President Monson it. The mission is awesome, I love it, I love you guys too, Thanks to those of you who emailed me this week, I honestly love hearing from you guys, it makes my day. Have a great week!!

Elder McLeod