Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

12.21.15 Already The Week Of Christmas

December 21, 2015

Hey guys, sorry we were running around last week, we only had 5 minutes to get on literally, so i didn't get to write a bunch, but right now I have a little more time so i'll write some more. I can't believe that it's already christmas, it's crazy how fast the time is going!!! It has gotten really cold here, my comp is super sick with the flu, I hope that I don't catch it too. the markets here are crazy right now with all kinds of cool stuff, next monday we are going to go to the huge market in the center of Xela to go look around and maybe buy some stuff.
                This week was another awesome week for us. First of all this week we were able to find 13 news which was awesome, last week was also a great week with 12 news, we are super excited and working really hard. Someone that we found who is super positive is Carlos, an 18 year old guy from Honduras who lives here with his aunt and his cousins, we contacted them all and they are all reading the book of mormon right now!!!! They are super interested, but only Carlos could come to church this week. He stayed all 3 hours and loved it, haha he even already has some friends in the young women's group!!=)
                  Another family we have consists of Dali, Anna, and Olga. Olga is the mom, dali and ana are 25 ish and are the daughters of olga. They are all super catholic, but this week dali and ana read from the beginning of 1st nephi until chapter 10 so they are progressing well!! They came to our ward christmas party this week which was awesome, they are really good at basketball which is awesome because today the young single adults are going to be playing a game of basketball with them. They will be coming to church this sunday.
                 Another family that we contacted in the street consists of 5 people, the dad which we don't know, the mom, and their 3 kids. This week we taught all of them but the dad because he was working until late, we taught the restoration, they were super interested in the book of mormon and reading it, they said that they are going to read this week as a family which would be awesome!!!
              This week we had our ward christmas party which was a huge hit!! We brought 3 families of investigators with us which was such a huge miracle, and the members got pretty excited about it too which was awesome! All of the acts were great, but when we did our act everyone was dying!! We did minute to win it on the stage, and we invited families up from the audience to participate, it was hilarious!!!!! At the end of our act, we brought a cake out for the new sister from New Zealand who is sharing the area with us!!! Haha in Guatemala we do something which is called the mordida, where the companion pushes the birthday person's face into the cake!!! Well sister Fale from new zealand had never heard of nor seen the mordida before, so what happened was super funny!=) pictures below
                 I am super excited for christmas, we are going to be caroling in the villages at the base of the volcano, and to a bunch of less actives! There is a lot of service to be done in this epoca of the year, a lot of people are going to hear the gospel of christ!!!! I love the people here so much, they really are the descendants of the lamanites, and as they hear this gospel, it's like 2000 years of dust is being wiped out of their eyes, it really is one of the coolest things ever. I love the people here, and I also love all of you guys a ton, i hope that you guys have an awesome christmas, but to have a great christmas you have to focussed on the meaning of christmas=) Eat well, have fun, and we will talk next week!

Love ya

Elder McLeod