Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

12.28.15 Another Quick Email After Chrismas

December 28, 2015

Hey everyone Merry Christmas!!! and Happy New Year, this week was an awesome week for us, we saw some HUGE miracles up here, we are even going to have a baptism this saturday!! we are running cuz there is some stuff we have to do, so here are some highlights.
             Carlos and Celica are progressing well, the 2 are past 1 nephi chapter 10 and have only had the book of mormon for 1 week! Carlos is in chapter 18, they are progressing super well. This week he has left with us everyday to go teach, he actually teaches with us and testifies of the truth of what we teach............. and he isn't a member............... and he looks kinda rough like gangs, but doesn't matter, he is a stud. He even told us this week what we do good and bad when we teach people...... haha this kids got a big head
              Diego had some evangelical prophet lady give him a paper with apostasy lies about the mormons, one of them being that the missionaries at night turn into wolves.............. how did she know. So, our lesson with him was just answering questions and explaining the lies that she fed him, but everything is good cuz this saturday he said that he is ready to be baptized.... super excited cuz my area here has not baptized since june!!!!
                This week my comp followed the spirit to contact a house way up on the side of the mountain. Turns out, the guy is late 20s, not married, doesn't go to any church, had a mormon cousin who died in an accident, and has always wanted to go to the mormon church to see how it is and what we teach..................... it was an inspired contact. He accepted to go to church this sunday with us while we were contacting him, we are visiting him friday.
                On my birthday, we were running around teaching and visiting that we didn't have anything planned dinner wise, but at 8 a random member called us and said that she had had a feeling to invite us over for dinner, a steak dinner, but she didn't know why, she didn't know it was my birthday, best surprise birthday steak dinner ever. The spirit works for everything!!
                  We had a ton of miracles this week, and a lot more things that i want to tell you, but there is no time. I love you all, hope that christmas was awesome, and i hope that new year's is even better!! We are doing well and we are in good health, i feel old now that i am 20, but honestly i haven't been thinking about it that much. Love you all, study those scriptures, and keep the sabbath day holy!!!
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