Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

4.11.16 Lots Of New Families

April 11, 2016

Hey everyone how's it going! Looks like another week has gone by, again, it's crazy to realize that we are already in April!! Seems like just last week we were celebrating christmas, at least for me it feels that way. This week wasn't as awesome as last week, but we did have some cool experiences.

           First of all we did find a lot of new families which is always a blessing. We found a family of 5 that we put baptism dates with, they are excited and ready to learn. We also have been teaching Liqo who didn't come to church, but he is reading and praying and told us that next week for sure he is going to come.

           So about a month a go, Elder sims and I discovered a less active family of 4 that lives way up in the mountains, they dont have electricity, and they havent gone in a couple of years. So this week we were walking along the freeway around 6pm ish, (keep in mind that its already starting to get dark and we are in the middle of nowhere), we didnt have anything to do because our lessons had fallen, so we decided to pass by with this less active family of 4 that we had never really been able to visit before due to the distance of their house and their work schedules. So we went, and found 2 of them in their house! We sat down and started talking to them, when 10 minutes later the other 2 arrived! So we sat everyone down and started trying to figure out why they had innactivated. We discovered that they had stopped going becuase they had started doing some bad things and didnt feel ¨¨worthy enough¨¨ to be in the church, so they stopped going. We had a very spiritual talk bout the atonement of Jesus Christ and repentance and why we go to church. It was awesome! this was saturday night, the next morning we were passing by to pick up some other less active family when one of the girls (23 years old) called us and said, hey come pick me up cuz today i want to go back to church!! So we went to her house and picked her up, It was so awesome seeing her come to church for the first time in years and seeing all of the native women swarm her and hug her and talk to her in Mam, I had a great feeling inside. The other 3 didnt come to church, but they promised us that next week they are going to come.

               This sunday was fast sunday, so it was also testimony meeting. Haha here in Ixta, testimony meeting is always an interesting experience. Usually fast sunday has the worst attendance cuz everyone is afraid to bear their testimonies................ so they just don't show up... haha its funny=) This week we only had 30 in church, but it actually was a good experience. This week Elsa and her whole family got up and they all bore their testimonies!!!! It was such an awesome experience cuz the spirit was there, and all the members could feel it. It was the first time that they have every born their testimonies in front of other members. The members who got up after them got up with tears in their eyes, they expressed their gratitude towards Elsa and her family for their testimonies and their faithfulness to the church. It was great, I think everyone had a great experience in church this fast sunday. We baptized else about a month and a half ago, but she has already gone to the temple to do baptisms for the dead, and her testimony keeps getting stronger!

               This week we were able to contct a lot of new people, we even found some new families which was nice. Oh ya, and we ate pizza for the first time in 3 months=) haha it was amazing. This week was a good week, but I feel like this next week is going to be more successfull. My testimony is growing always, The church is so true!! The work is true also, its incredible that Christ uses young and unexperienced youth to gather the tribes of Israel!!!! I love you guys a ton, have an awesome week!

Elder McLeod