Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

4.25.16 Riding The Bus 9.5 Hours This Week

April 25, 2016

Hey everyone it's already monday!!! Ha, this week went by really really fast, and it's because we spent almost 10 hours in buses this week riding from ixta to mexico and back, then from ixta to xela,and back. It was a really short week,. at least it felt like it, but we were still able to accomplish a ton of good stuff.

             We had district meeting in the vistas again, 2 weeks in a row, because the new gringo here in our district who is is the huistas got sick and didn't want to ride down to colo on tuesday, so, everyone in the district had to head up to the huistas for the 2nd week in a row. we weren't too happy honestly, but we did get to eat really good chinese rice with real teriyaki sauce which made my life.

          On thursday we went down to Xela cuz they wanted to see what i did to my hand. NOBODY FREAK OUT, it's just slightly sprained, no big deal, but the missions doctor is in xela, so we got to go to xela, eat in a sweet steak house, get soaked in the rain, and contact random people on thursday. Friday, we got up after sleeping at the secretary's house and headed back up to ixta. They took xrays and saw that nothing was broken, just sprained. It's apparently from not doing exercise, my body is just all around getting really weak, so i promised myself that I am going to start in May and that I am going to be eating good (i am going to start preparing my meals the day before) so that I can gain some weight again. I weighed myself today, haha i weighed in at a staggering 160, all together so far ive lost 35 pounds........... hahahahaha it's bad, but i'm going to get serious about my health and exercise now.

            THis week we found a really positive family that was listening to the missionaries 3 years ago. The moms name is Fabiana, her daughter's name is Sharol, sharol is 16 years old. Fabiana lost her husband, so she is a single mom with 3 daughters. We found her cuz we contacted a SUPER evangelic lady who did not even want to look at us, when we contacted her and realized that she wanted ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, we asked her if she knew anyone that was spiritually lost and needed help, she then responded by pointing to her neighbors house, and said, ¨¨they are catholics, help them, teach them about christ!¨¨ Haha she was a little dramatic=) So we went and knocked on the door, Fabiana answered it and let us right on in! Thank you prideful evangelic lady.

           We also found out this week that Elsa, the girl i baptized with Elder Sims, is the Radio Host for Ixtahuacan!!! Haha this week she told us, she said that this week she is going to give us a shout out while she is on the air!!!!=) Maybe we could get some more investigators through the radio................

            Well i attached some pics, one of Maria, the cutest little girl ever, and one of when a member destroyed my hair this week by shaving the sides and giving me a mohawk...... don't worry, we got it all fixed up=)

            Pues i love you guys a ton, the church is true, the work is also true! The stake split because the lord's work is progressing, don't miss out! Be a part of it!! I pray for you guys always and hope that everything is going well with you. Keep the commandments and you will have all of the Lord's promised blessings!


Elder McLeod