Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

6.22.15 A week of changes!

June 22, 2015

Hey family  and friends, hope you all had awesome father's day weeks!!!! This week was loco up here in the mountains, the rains have stopped for a little bit and I am a little sunburned, but I am happier than ever. It was super sad when the kid had to go home for medical treatment, but he will be back soon and is in good spirits.

         My new comps name is Elder Caal. He is from Coban, about 8 hours north of the mission where we are at. He is a really awesome guy, he studied 3 years of english and high school and wants to go to BYU! This week was our first week together, but we tore it up!!! We work really well together and really effectively, he is also super funny and is not prideful.

          This week Elder Call and I went and taught Maryvell. We taught her about the importance of the sabbath day and in obeying it. She really wants to get baptized and is super excited for the 11th of July which is her baptism day. We went back like 2 days after we had taught her, and to our surprise, she wasn't at work. Turns out, she had been working on sundays previously, but after we taught her, the next day she quit her job!!! And later on that day she ended up finding a better one really close to her house=)  WHat a miracle!!!!!! She came to church this week and everything which was super awesome, stayed all 3 hours and loved it! She will be baptized the 11th of July and we are super pumped, we have already taught her everything and she is super ready and excited to change her life. She was a reference from a member, it is so cool being able to watch somebody go from not knowing anything about the church to being ready and willing to be baptized=) She will be a true convert, not just by water, but by the spirit.

             We visited Dilma this week, she couldn't go to church again with us, but she is super positive so we keep on fighting! We had a really sick lesson with her about faith, the spirit, and why God works in mysterious ways. She is reading the book of mormon and has a desire to know why God took her baby son from her, the plan of salvation really has been a key with her. She has many questions about life after death, and about what she can do right now. She literally asked us, what can I do right now? This reminded me of a story in Acts 2 when the investigators of the apostles literally ask, what can we do right now? So we invited her to continue to read and pray and repent and always be worthy of the spirit. She accepted it all and is willing to change her life, she is awesome! The only problem is that she is difficult to get into the chapel sunday morning, but it's a process.

               We visited Caesar Chojolan this week also. He has been reading the book of mormon every day by himself and praying! When we got to his house, he recounted us the whole story of Laban and the sword and the bronze plates detail by detail! He is reading, but really is studying every little bit which is awesome. He told us that he prays every time, but hasn't received his answer, but he doesn't feel bad when he prays about the book he told us. It's a process, and we are super excited for him, this week on wednesday we are going back to teach him and his family together for the first time!!!! We are so stoked. This guy really is gonna be baptized if he keeps up showing his faith with a sincere heart!!!

             We had a ton of lessons this week which was awesome!!! We have a lot of new people that we are starting to teach which is great, The members really are giving us awesome references which really helps a ton, if you know someone who isn't a member but needs........... something else in their life, call the missionaries!=) Haha its so true though, the work is tough, but without the members it is even tougher!!

            Sorry this email is so short, we are out of time and we have to go, but this week was awesome and things are only getting better. I love the mission, i love the work!! We are in good health, lacking a bit of energy, but working hard so the blessings just keep coming in. I love you all, study the scriptures, pray, do the things that you have to to feel the spirit more. Love you, hasta ver until next week!!!!


elder mcLeod