Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

6.15.15 A week with cool experiences and bad news

June 15, 2015

Hey everyone whats up!! Hope you all had an awesome  productive week, I know that we did. Things are really going up here, we are learning to love the people and the culture more and more everyday. I love the mission, I am lucky because really I am in the best mission in the world=) Ok well here we go!!

           This week something surprising happened with Hermana Doris. We didnt have a chance to visit with her and teach her because she was super busy, but this sunday when she came to church she brought her boyfriend!!!! he is not a member and doesnt like members so it was super surprising that he came. We all thought that they were going to split up, but I think that in order to not split up with her he is starting to come to church haha, but at least hes coming to church. He seems like a nice guy, i could definitely see him one day in the future accepting the gospel in his life. Since this was unexpected, we will see if they end up splitting up after all, maybe they will continue together and eventually get married................ and enter the temple! haha we are a long ways away from that, but miracles happen with pray and fasting!!

          Maryvella! This week we had a family home evening with her and her family in her house! It was the first time that other members of her family have openly talked with us, and it actually went really well. We brought another family to do the family home evening with us and it turned out really well. After we did the family night the father of Maryvella said something a little surprising, he said, ''thank you all for coming tonight, but i just wanted to tell you all that my family is a catholic family. My daughter cant assist your church becuase she is catholic im sorry.'' After he finished, Maryvella said, ''I am 19 and I will make MY OWN DECISIONS.'' Way to go Maryvella!!!! We dont want problems of course, but Maryvella knows its all true and wants to get baptized, she is so awesome!=) She will make her own decision to get baptized the 4th of July, she just needs to start attending church and she will be ready! She already has agreed to keep the commandments and cant wait to enter the temple and do baptisms for the dead, she is so ready!

          Caesar Chojolan is a guy that I contacted with Etcheto about 3 months ago, but this week he finally started progressing! He is reading one chapter of the book of mormon everyday!!!!! It's a miracle, he didn't read anything for about 3 months, and just now he is starting to really read and have a desire to know if it is true or not. He told us that he was talking with his brother about the plan of salvation and about a living prophet and his brother got all excited and wants to learn!! So this next week when we go back on wednesday we are going to be teaching hermano caeser and his brother and his family also!!! He set up 3 times a week that we are going to visit him and his family so that we can monitor/ help them in their study of the book of mormon and teach them more. he even saide that this next sunday they might be able to come, I hope that by this next sunday they will be able to come, it would be such a cool experience! The gospel is growing and touching the lives of the people here, its so cool to be blessed enougth to be right here in the middle of it!

           Noemi. Noemi is progressing really well. this week there was an activity in our chapel for the youth and she came, but because she was sick she couldnt play at all............. perfect opportunity to teach. So I sat down with her one on one while everyone else was playing ball in the background and had a solid lesson about tithing and offerings. She just kept asking questions and telling me how they do it in her church, then she would ask more questions which is awesome! AFter we read a couple of scriptures and talked for a bit she was completely surprised at how her church conducts its tithes and offerings, she agreed to everything that we talked about and wanted to study the scriptures and pray about it! She even told some of the youth that I talked with after that she agrees with everything that we do and she is surprised that her pastor takes a little bit from the tithes and offerings. She is progressing really well, she just needs to continue to read and pray. We could teach all day and use scriptures and evidence and everything, but she needs to read ponder and pray if she wants a real personal testimony.

           So i guess its time for some bad news, my comp the kid has been diagnosed with some bad stuff and needs to get some medical treatment. The food here has messed him up a bit and the treatment that he needs can not be provided here, he will be returning to his house this wednesday in the morning to begin treatment. It is predicted that he will return in 2 to three 3, and that he will not need reassignment but will come back to this mission which is a huge blessing. We found out this morning and we are really bummed out, especially him. But we talked about it, and now he is ok, he is excited that now he will be able to help the missionaries teach his family and baptize them!! That would be super cool if he got to baptize his dad mom and siblings=) He is looking on the brightside and so am I. Even though I am going to lose my first son, he will come back in 2 to 3 months and Ill see him again=) So............ we still dont know if I am changing areas or if they will be putting me in a 3 some until the changes in 1 week. Maybe someone will come to this area, maybe they will close the area, Im not sure. All I know is that things are happening here in Cantel and I would be super sad if we had to leave and close the area. We will know as of tomorrow night, haha Iv only had one normal change and it was when Elder Cano was born, even though I don't like tons of changes, it is always exciting for something new to happen.

               I am super blessed that I am still here, in good health, working hard, and feeling the spirit everyday. I know that the lord works in strange manners to bring to pass salvation to as many souls as possible. I know that Cano will be ok, please keep him in your prayers as I keep him in mine. Miracles are happening here in Cantel, I would hate to leave, but I will go and do the things which the lord hath commanded, because wherever I go there are more souls ready for salvation!!!! Love you all, thanks for the love and support, have an AWESOME fathers day this week! Shoutout to the best dad ever, thank you so much for all of the love and support, Hope that you have the best fathers day ever, Ill be rootin for you all the way up here in the Mountains!!!!! Love ya, keep the faith, hasta ver!!

Elder McLeod