Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

6.01.15 A week of little miracles!

June 1, 2015

Hey everyone whats up! Hope you all had awesome weeks, the kid and I definitely did. Things up here are getting exciting but are as difficult as every, but we will press onward! This week we had a couple of really cool experiences, I guess I'll start with some of those.

           This week we visited with a single mom who has 2 little girls, her name is Lucky. They live right above our house which is great because they are super close, we went and we taught her more about how she can find more peace in her life (she had asked us to teach her that the last time that we visited her). Towards the end everything was going good until she straight up said, ´´ I don't believe in Joseph Smith, and I do not believe in the Book of Mormon.´´ Haha my response was, it's because you have never read the book or prayed about Joseph Smith once in your life! We talked about how she can receive her answers for a while, and she eventually agreed to read the book of mormon and pray about joseph smith everyday. Lucky is a SUPER stubborn lady, but we are not going to give up on her! She accepted our challenge, now we will have to wait and see if she does her part.

            This past monday night we had our usual FHE with some of the youth and one of their nonmember friends. This time was different than every time before, this time our lesson had a really cool impact on the youth. This time we talked about attributes of christ and how we can become more christlike, and be examples for our families. IT was super awesome cuz all of the youth shared and participated. In the end a bunch of people bore their testimonies including the nonmember friend, dang how powerful it was!! My comp shared his conversion story and everything, I swear, I've never seen so many Guatemaltecos get emotional at one time in my life! Even the nonmember was in tears, it was so sick!=) The spirit was so strong, it felt like we were at EFY, haha it was that impacting. At the end I read one of my new favorite scriptures, 1 nephi 21. 15 and 16, it talks about how Christ will never forget us ever, because we are recorded into the palms of his hands. All in all it was an awesome night, I feel that the youth here in Cantel are true leaders, they are going to do great things here in the future, not just for Cantel, but for people all over.

            We also had the chance to visit with Carlos Chojolan, we were supposed to visit with him and his family, but things came up and the rest of his family couldn't be there. Carlos spent 45 minutes asking us questions about the church and the book of mormon which was so cool! He reads every day and already knows it's true, he just can't assist the church for a while, but when he can he told us that he will. At the end, he told us that he loves the way that we pray, haha never heard that before=) He asked us to teach him, so we did, and he said the closing prayer and sounded just like a member of the church!! It was great, he wants to be a member so bad, now we just need his help in helping his family members feel the same difference and want to change their lives.

           This week Noemi came to church, Noemi is a girl of 18 years old that is investigating the church. She is reading and praying, not consistently like we preach to her, but she is trying really hard, and she came to church for the 2nd time this sunday! She is doing well, this week we are going to put a baptism date for the end of June with her, she just needs to keep on reading and praying and she will receive her answer!

            Maryvella didn't come to church this week........... we were super disappointed because she really wanted to come, but her boss wouldn't let her take 1 hour off of work to come to church. She has a baptism date for the end of June and she is excited for it, but if she can assist church she can't be a member. We are going to keep on fighting with her and explaining the importance of the sabbath day. She is super smart and really wants to be baptized which is so awesome!
           We visited with a lot of people this week, but not a lot came to church. That is the hardest part, teaching someone and watching them progress really well, and then something happens and they can't or just don't come to church, it can get a little frustrating sometimes, but we will keep fighting! I know that great things are happening here in Cantel, we just need more time. Changes are in 3 weeks and a lot of people are telling me that I am going to have changes, but I sure hope not. I can't believe that the kid is almost all grown up, haha he is almost finished with his training and is such a stud, couldn't image just leaving him in 3 weeks! Love you all, thanks for the emails and the letters and all of the love! You are the best, can't wait to hear from you all when you've got some time to send a quick email. Love ya, until next week!

Elder McLeod