Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

2.1.16 Week 2 in Ixtahuacan

February 1, 2016

hey how's it going everyone!!! I attached a pic so that you can see what Ixtahuacan looks like from a mountain view, it's super pretty!!! Tucked up in the mountains by mexico, it's a small little town but with some nearby villages that are super out in the forest. I love it here, honestly it's tough but it's a tough challenge that I am going to love. This sunday we had 19 people in church, minus us two, so 17. Its pretty small I know, but it has great potential.

             We didn't have baptisms this week because they moved to the capital of guatemala........... just so you all know that actually happens a lot. People are super close to baptism, and then they just leave without saying anything, super weird. But, this saturday we will be having a baptism for sure........ unless she just randomly moves haha.
              This week was tough, we were looking for new families the whole time but we didn't have a lot of luck, we found a lot of new investigators, but none of them came to church, we need to figure out which of them really are interested in their salvation this week.

              Haha this week we lived off of 40 quetzales, like 5 dollars=) It's because when I was with Elder Guzman in Xela we had a lot of food in the house, but i had to leave a good portion of it, so this week I was literally eating pieces of plain wheat bread and drinking lots and lots of water...... haha but now we have money so we made it don't worry. here there are no food places, there is NO grocery store, only once a month can we go into town 1.5 hours away to get to the nearest grocery store to buy food, haha we are whyyyyyyyyyy out here!

               One miracle that we had this week,
           We have been visiting this less active family, they were baptized 6 months ago, but the husband is a heavy drinker so he won't go to church. This week we visited with the wife while the husband was out drinking, we promised her that God would answer her prayers if she obeyed the commandments and prayed really hard. So, from that point on, she has been obeying the commandments and saying her prayers. We went with them saturday night to see how they were doing, the husband was there and was completely sober, we asked them what was up, his reply was this, ´´I've been drinking for a while now, but last night God sent me a dream where I saw the results of my drinking, one of my kids got ran over by a car in my dream, and it was all my fault. I am done drinking!!!´´ It was awesome, his wife was crying pretty badly and I think we were a little bit too. It was a miracle, he hasn't drank since that night!

               This week was a week of pretty cool, small miracles. We know that it is hard, but like jeffrey R holland says, it's because salvation was never easy, not even for the savior!!! Salvation is not a cheap experience!! It's so true, during one of our lessons this week I even had the opportunity to share that phrase from Jeffrey R Holland and it was way cool, the spirit was there and they recognized it.

                 I love you guys a ton, honestly this week was a lot of learning and spanish study with my comp whom I love, he is a great missionary. I am loving the mission and every second of every day. It is hard and one gets really really tired at times, but it's all worth it=) Love you guys, read your scriptures, and please focus on strengthening your testimonies, don't just sit back and wait for it to happen, Faith is a principle of power and ACTION!! Have an awesome SUPER BOWL week, hoping the panthers win


ELder McLeod