Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

2.15.16 Week Of Temple And Surprise Baptism

February 15, 2015

Hey everyone this week was insane!!! So many awesome things happened to us, we had so many miracles it's not even funny! Let's just get right into it

            On wednesday we went to the temple, it was probably the greatest temple session i've ever been in! I learned so much this time, I feel like i am beginning to understand everything a little bit better. We then had an awesome conference with President Smith, and then left from Xela and got home at about 9 pm. We live super far away, but it's worth going all the way to xela (4 hours just one way!) to be able to go to the temple.

           The day after the temple, thursday, we found a less active family that lives like 1 hour up in the mountains. We got them to go to church, but we also ended up baptizing their kid  on saturday who wasn't a member but was of age, so that was cool. pictures below

            Today we went to HueHue to eat lunch with the zone and then we went to the ancient lamanite ruins which was cool, it still was awesome even though it wasn't my first time, but this time they had the museum opened which was legit.............. tons of old mayan stuff that was found with the ruins when they were discovered. pics below.

            while we were buying food in huehue we contacted a random guy in the checkout line, turns out that he lives in ixtahuacan where we are at!! This is super rare because ixta is about 1.5 hours away and it is a small city, what are the odds!! He was super nice and even told us this week to come visit him, he gave us all his days and told us to call him this week! We are stoked, it was a miracle.

             This sunday while i was playing the intro music for sacrament meeting, a random lady in corte walked into the chapel and said, ´´hey i don't go to any church, i live here close to the mormon church, and i'd like to come to church with you guys today to learn more about it.´´ Hahaha what a miracle!!!! We practically fell over, but we did get her days and everything. She stayed a little bit but had to leave for problems with her baby, but this week we are going to visit with her!!

             My comp and I also changed houses this week, i'll send you guys pics this next week of the new house, it is going to be sweet. Well i want you all to know that i am learning a ton everyday and my testimony is only growing. watching people feel the truth of your words is the best, i love how they then change their lives, that's the best part. The gospel is so true, i know that every time we cry cuz someone rejects us Christ is also crying, but even harder, cuz he loves everyone a lot more than we ever could. I love you guys a ton also and I hope that you are seeing miracles in your lives also, live the gospel and love the blessings!! Have an awesome week, happy valentines week haha i totally forgot!! They don't celebrate it here, love you guys bye!!!


Elder McLeod