Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

2.22.16 Week 5 of a 7 week change, up here by Mexico

February 22, 2016

Hey everyone hope you all had awesome weeks, i heard it's been getting hot way too early down there in the valley, haha when i eventually get home that heat is going to kill me! Here its about 90 degrees maybe and it's wayyyyyyy too hot.

               This week was insane for us, we had some pretty cool miracles, but also we just worked really really hard, haha its good to be exhausted in the mission, its means good things. But ya so this week was the first week in my life that i've washed my clothes by hand, it wasn't too hard actually, it just takes a while, and it's annoying when your clothes line wire gets too heavy and just suddenly falls in the dirt with all of your nice clean, wet garments, ya that made me mad. But ya so it looks like for now on i'll be washing by hand, the sister that did it before had to leave for work and told us that she won't be back for a long time.

             Our new house it awesome, we just moved houses by the way if you didn't know that. Our old house was a 2 room apartment room with practically no windows and it was terrible, no hot  water, no working sink, it was a nightmare, and we were paying 1000 Quetz every month, now we live in a 2 story 5 room house!!! And everything works and is brand new, and it only costs us 800 a month!! We are loving it, hot showers are the best.

               So Elsa, the girl we baptized 2 weeks ago, she is awesome, but her dad is not a member because he is the PRESIDENT OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH!!! No joke, he is the president of the catholic church, he directed the misa, he did all the ordinances like baptism and pretty much everything else!! He knows a ton from the bible, but now that he has finished the book of mormon with us, he know a ton about the book of mormon also! This week he defended the church BIG TIME to a bunch of his catholic friends, it was awesome. Well long story short, he has never accepted a baptismal date from the missionaries before, but this last week we put one with him!!!!! It is for the 5th of march, he always goes to our church with us so he is practically a member. He even wants a disk with the church hymns on it so that we can practice them and sing them in his house while he is working!!! My comp is soooooo stoked because they have been working with him for a long time now, but he has never taken the next step, well its looks like it's his time!!!

This week we spent 2 hours one day scaling a  mountain and looking for some new families house. My comp was a little ticked that we were still searching after the 1st hour, but i felt like we needed to find it so we kept going. We actually found them and they are super positive, but they didn't come to church on sunday. This week we are going with them again to teach them and to get them to go to church. They live a little far out there obviously, but they all speak spanish well which is such a blessing.

              So Mum is a crazy language, the rumor is that it was one of the languages that the people started to talk after the tower of babel incident from Genesis in the bible, it is super ancient. Below i attached a picture of a little kid's school right next to our house where the kids all speak Mum, the words are all in Mum.

              My comp and I get along really well, sometimes he can get really frustrated or mad at himself for the language or lack of knowledge, but he is super new and I try to get him to calm down, but he is a big buy hehe, I understand why he gets mad at himself though, that's how i felt at the beginning of the mish also.

            shout out to my cousin Malcolm who's getting married in May!!! Looks like he doesn't want me to be there but oh well=) I'm happy for you bro, send me tons of pics! I'M so proud of you man, keep on choosing the right, i'll see you in October!

             This week was a good week for us, we worked really hard and had some pretty good miracles, we are always learning more and growing spiritually. I love being in the mission because i am just filling up my spiritual library so that i can use it when i get home. I have to take advantage of this time that i have to study and learn as much as i can because when i get home i wont have 2 hours every day to study and learn from the scriptures like i do here. I love the church and i know it's true, even up here in the mountains 2 hour away from the city, it's still the true church, it may be a lot smaller and have less members, but it's the same gospel that no one will EVER be able to prove wrong cuz it's 100% the truth. Love you guys a ton, keep on learning about the gospel, read books written by the prophets especially by Joseph Smith!! Have an awesome week you guys


Elder McLeod