Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

2.8.16 Super Bowl Weekend.........

February 8, 2016

Hey everyone how was superbowl weekend?!?! by the way who won, the people up here could care less for football so we still don't know who won......... but i'm sure it was a good game. This week was an awesome week for us, we had a baptism! Else got baptized, she is now the 2nd active young woman in our branch (17 years old) Haha i felt bad for her though cuz the pila doesn't have a water heater in it so the water was ice ice cold, my comp came out shivering, and she came out of the water gasping! I felt bad, but it's not our fault.

                  Also selvin got baptized and is now blessing the sacrament and preparing for the mission!!! Selvin (19)  is from my last area, pictures attached below.

                 Besides the baptisms this week, we were able to find a bunch of new families and put some more baptism dates.

                 This week both my comp and I got really sick, we thinks it's because after the baptism of Elsa we went to Don Jaime's the only restaurant here in town and got food poisoning........... but we are almost back to normal.

                 We have been visiting this less active family for a while now, the guy's name is juanito, he has been in a wheelchair forever now, and because of that, he hasn't been to church in 6 months!! It's so sad because he always tells us about how much he misses going to church and taking the sacrament, so we decided to help him out. So, this week we wanted to surprise him, so sunday morning super early we rented a tuk tuk and rode 30 minutes up into the mountains , up dirt trails and all to get to his little tin house to bring him to church. He was so excited!!! I've never seen him so happy before=) MY comp and i were teary eyed, it was awesome. we got to carry him into the tuc tuc, then at the church we carried him up and down the stairs, it was awesome. Haha we even had to help him go to the bathroom cuz none of the members wanted to help him................ definitely something i won't ever forget!! picture of juanito below!

                  Below is a pic of the cutest little girl ever, her name is Mary and she is 5, she is Elsa's little sister.

                This week was a lot of work, but also just a few really cool things, next week I will have more stories to tell you guys, but hey at least you get a lot of pictures this week=) speaking of which, we did divisions this week and I got to go up to colotenango and Ical, haha talk about walking up and down mountains all day! But it was super pretty, below is a pic of the colotenango 2 story chapel that overlooks a huge valley and pretty much a ton of mountains.

                I love you guys a ton and hope that you all had great weeks. My comp and I are doing great, we are working hard and we are getting along really well which is great. I am learning a ton every day, and I am seeing miracles every day. I love you guys a ton and I hope that you all have great weeks, this week we are going to the temple, i invite you all to do the same!=) Have an awesome week!


Elder McLeod