Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

3.14.2016 Week 1 With New Comp

March 14, 2016

Hey everybody hope you had a great week, can't believe we are already halfway through march, it's crazy. I got a new comp, his name is Elder Yabarrena. Elder Yabarrena has 14 months in the mish, he was in my zone in Calvario when I was with Elder Chavez, so I know who/how he is. He is from Peru....... Hahaha but he is not a jerk or anything, he is actually a pretty cool guy, we get along pretty well. What's cool is that his parents have a restaurant in Peru, so he knows how to pretty real well, haha everyday we cook something new in the house!!! He just came from Salcaja, my first area! He loved it too but said it was super hard, he was there for 2 or 3 changes and did not baptized a single person, but they did find one of my super positive families and brought them to church one time!!

                Just so you know, my old comp elder Sims got sent to Cantel!!!! Haha so now he is going to be living all of the crazy stories I would tell him=) He is a little nervous, but i'm sure he will love it, i know i did.

                  This week wasn't all that exciting, we only had 34 in church, but 0 from Acal, so with the people from Acal we would have probably reached 50!!! This week my comp and I did a lot of contacting and we actually found some pretty rockin families.

                 Pricilla and her family is doing really good, we taught them lesson 1 and they said that they are going to read and pray in order to see if what we share is true or not! Her next door neighbor Doña Chay is super hilarious, she is a big lady but doesn't care, she is always cracking jokes and giving us food! They all love us to death and we sure love them right back.

                  Yesterday afternoon we were contacted on the edge of the city (which really isn't big at all) and we found a CHOSEN family. The mom invited us right in and happily invited us to share something with her. We talked a bit and then showed her the video of the black bishop that lives in england and his conversion story tied in with the book of mormon, she loved it!! She had a ton of questions like why are you called mormons, what does the word mormon mean, what is the mormon church, and many others. After we had finished she invited us over again to come and visit her, tonight at 6 we are going to visit with her again and with her husband, we are stoked! She has two little boys, it is a pretty young family but that is perfect!

                    This week just by contacting we found 11 news, we also discovered 2 inactive people, 1 that moved here years ago from another area, and 1 that inactivated more than 10 years ago and was forgotten about. It was pretty cool, this week we have visits planned to be able to teach their spouses and families!

                    These past couple of weeks we have been really struggling trying to get people to come to church with us. This week that is going to be our focus, we are going to try really hard to get at least 6 people in church with us, it won't be easy but it is definitely possible.

                     Well this week was a good work week, next week i will have more to tell you guys. I am growing and learning everyday, my testimony is always growing. I love being in the mission!!! It's the best thing ever, it goes by way too fast, but that's what happens with good things, they just don't seem to last that long. I love you guys a ton, i hope that you guys have an awesome week of MARCH MADNESS!!! Hahaha love you guys

Elder McLeod