Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

3.28.16 We Went To Mexico

March 28, 2016

Hey everyone whats up!! This week was insane for us, it was super difficult cuz it was semana santa, or the holy week. THis week was ridiculous cuz it's when every catholic in the whole world all of the sudden becomes an active, faithful catholic!!!! Ill tell you more about what went down dont worry.

                We knocked every door in Ixta. This week pretty much everything fell cuz no one was at home, so we contacted every single door in the city. We actually found some pretty positive new families that we are going to visit this week. IT was a tough week just because no one had work, everyone was on vacation.

                        But, we did find Liqo. Liqo is a 35 year old guy with 2 kids who is one of the head guys in the bank here, and we contacted him, and he wants to be a member. He attended church in Chimaltenango for months and months but was never baptized cuz there weren't any missionaries over there! He loves our church and wants to know everything about it. HE has a baptism date for the 23rd of April, we will see what happens.
  Some crazy things they do here,

.They make carpets out of  painted saw dust
. People walk around at night with ghost costumes on waving catholic incense chain things at everyone
. They crucify some guy who ¨¨looks like¨¨ jesus christ, apparently it's a big honor
. 2 guys run around stealing from the stores until the people catch them and beat them pretty badly not even kidding, then they crucify them also, one on each side of Jesus.

             Not even kidding, everyone gets drunk and lays in the street, it's pretty ridiculous

               Today we did go to mexico, we went on a district activity and hiked an hour out into the mountains to find Lemon Cave. It is a super big, cold, humid cave in the middle of nowhere! So we went in and hiked down some pretty skinny tubes until we got to the end and found an underground river in the cave! So, we went fishing! YEs sir, we fished in a cave in an underground river, in the pitch darkness. Haha it was super fun, was a great experience, even though the 5 hours in bus was a killer and i am so sunburned............................ but that doesn't matter cuz it was a blast.

                   Well ya, this week I don't have a ton of stuff to tell you guys, but I know that this week we are going to teach a ton of new families and by next monday I will have some experiences to share with you. I can't attach pics cuz right now the guy is formatting my camera memory, it's got another virus... haha but next week i'll send you guys some pics!!