Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

3.7.16 Awesome Week!! Plus There Are Changes

March 7, 2016

Hey everyone!!! I've got some exciting stuff to tell you, this week was amazing, we didn't have a ton of success, but we saw a ton of miracles, but if experiencing miracles IS having success, then i guess this week we had a lot of success.

              The young men's leader here from 4 years ago was one of the most pilas members here in the branch, he has been less active for 3 years now. But, this week we visited him and had an awesome talk with him............ and he came to church on sunday with his daughter!!!! He came in normal street clothes, but he came to church for the first time in years! We were stoked

              This week we found an older lady who has been less active for 2 or 3 years now because she went off to Mexico to go find work. So this week we accidently found her, contacted her, taught her, and then brought her to church on Sunday!! i will explain how in the next paragraph

               So, this week we went to an aldea named Acal, this aldea has a bunch of less actives in it, so this week we went out and taught them all and got them all jacked about being mormons, and on Sunday we paid a pickup truck to go and pick them up and bring the to church, all in all just from this little aldea we had 12 people come with us!! Not to mention 4 investigators! So in total we had 16 people in the truck, and one of them is a man that is stuck in a wheelchair, his name is juanito. It was so awesome to see all of those people in church for testimony meeting, my comp and I were super stoked

                Haha Sunday was awesome especially for me, because one of the sisters here in our ward asked me to bless her baby, so I got to bless a baby!!!!! It was awesome, it was my first time and I was a little nervous, but she thanked me a ton after so it didn't go horribly.

              We found a new partial family this week, they are the funniest people ever, the mom is less active for about 20 years now, her name is Pricila, she has 3 daughters that aren't members. Her daughters are older, and they are all super funny! Last night we taught them how to make that lemon cake thing, they were so excited, tomorrow night we are going to pass by with them and eat it.

                 This week we were so blessed to have 44 in church, AGAIN! For the 2nd week in a row, this hasn't happened in years the members told us! We are super happy cuz more members are coming (lots of less actives), and we are preparing a temple trip for the 24th of march, and everyone is excited.

                  My comp has changes, but last week i was super honest with him and we had a companionship inventory talk, and I figured out why he has been so angry, it's cuz spanish frustrates him a tonnnnnn, plus other small things, but after we talked he felt a LOT better and so did I, we have been fine since. But, last night we got the call that he will be having changes, so tonight we will sleep in Huehue tomorrow we will go to Xela to get my new comp............... i'm a little nervous not gonna lie

                  Well we have to go, my comp wants to say goodbye to more people, i love you guys a ton, hope you have an awesome week and the beginning of MARCH MADNESS!!! maybe this year the trophy will be coming to GUATEMALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Elder McLeod