Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

3.21.16 Finally Had Branch Conference!!

March 21, 2016

Hey everyone i've got some sick news, we finally have a branch president!!!!! Only worked 9 weeks without any kind of church organizational help whatsoever, but hey at least we finally have some kind of branch structure! He is from Colotenango, he speaks mam and spanish fluently which is going to be a huge blessing. The conference started way late, like 9.25 ish , but hey at least we had 60 people there, we even had two 2 less active families in attendance!!!

             This week we had district meeting in San antonio vistas, like a 2.5 hour bus ride up towards Mexico.............. so on tuesday we left the house at 7 30 ish, got there at 10, then had district meeting, and got home at 4.30 ish, we spent like 60 quetzs in travel and about 5 hours in total............. haha it was terrible, and the heat was unbearable, apparently we are going to have to do it once every two weeks now which is going to stink, but i guess that's how it is up here in the mountains.

              My comp and I have been working hard and trying to find the people who are ready for our message, but it's been tough. Obviously there aren't that many references from members up here, so we've been contacting like crazy, but honestly we haven't found that much. Marcos will get baptized here within the next couple weeks now that Catarina is back from the finca that's in Mexico, so we are excited for that. Besides marcos we have 3 families that are progressing decently, but getting them to church siempre is a struggle here cuz city market day is Sunday morning................ Everything is half price.............. so everyone goes to the market, including many members, it's ridiculous.

                Well we actually don't have a ton of time cuz elsa marcos catarina and SoƱia invited us over for lunch today so we actually have to go. But I love you guys a ton, I'm doing good and we are in pretty good health, i'm always learning and growing everyday!! Things should be more interesting this week, next monday I'll fill you guys in on everything!

                            Love you guys, have an awesome week

Elder McLeod