Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

5.16.16 Skype Week!

May 16, 2016

Hey everybody how's it going! This week was pretty interesting, a lot of cool stuff happened that i can't wait to tell you about. We are still here in Ixta, but changes are in 2 weeks, we will see what happens.

              So because my comps mom passed away, president gave us special permission to go to the temple for a day, so on tuesday we did that. It was super fun, we went down and did a session in the temple. Afterwards we went to Subway.............. wow it was so good, i had totally forgotten how
subway was, but it's way too good. we then spent the rest of the day in xela, and riding back up to ixta. We got home at 8. 30 that day, it was a good chance for my comp to realize why he is in the mission, he got his personal confirmation that he needs to stay in the mission and fight it out till the end, i'm proud of him and i know that he will be blessed for his decision.

             On wednesday we went down to colo for the open house activity. They had meet the mormons going, but first all of the visitors had to pass through a classroom to learn more about the church and who we are. It was awesome cuz the church formally invited 3 high schools to come and participate, and they all came!! There were so many young people there. We even saw one of our investigators from ixta there who works in a high school in colo. After the movie we were giving out books of mormon and pamphlets.
After everything was over, we were able to talk to our investigator that works as a teacher in colo, she told us that more than 20 young ladies from the high school had asked her for the mormon boys numbers=) Haha luckily she didn't give it out, but she did tell her students a little about us and
about what we teach which is good.

              On friday all of the members went to huehue for a talent show activity in the stake center, the assistants did not give us permission to go because we would have gotten home at 10.30, so we were super bummed, All the other missionaries in the zone went, except 6 of us, so we decided to do our own activity=) We got together with some investigator families and had a soccer game and ate food afterwards. It was super fun and we made some good new friends out of it.

            On sunday we had a new investigator in church, her name is Seleny,she is 20 years old, we are teaching her mom too, but ixtas market day is sunday, and her mom is a single mom who supports her whole family with what she makes on sunday, so her mom didn't come, but seleny did. She loved it, even though she could only stay 1 hour. she asked us for a hymn book, and she had a ton of questions for us during the sacrament meeting which was awesome. She is super pilas, she is reading the book of mormon every day and praying, she will be receiving her answer shortly.

           This week we werent able to find any new families, but we were able to help a lot of the existing people that we have progress, we gave out a ton of books of mormon, and have a good handful of people that are reading, we just need to get them to church. that is the problem, getting them to go to church. But we will keep working and see what happens this week.

        This week was a good week, it also went by super fast. We are seeing the little miracles every day, i know that this work is true, i feel like this week we are going to see many more miracles here in our area. We are doing good and are improving everyday. i love you guys and am always thinking about/praying for you. Have an awesome week and don't forget to email the missionaries cuz we love emails!!


Elder McLeod