Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

5.23.16 Some New Friends, But Not Enough Time To Baptize Them

May 23, 2016

Hey everyone how's it going!!!! This week was a pretty exciting week for us up here in the jungle by the border of mexico. Our area is taking big strides, things are getting  better. this week we had some pretty cool experiences that I  am going to share with all you! Oh ya, I hope you are all doing good too=)

            This week we had our multi zone conference with President Smith. It was actually pretty cool, we talked about making special plans with our branch presidents. We made business type plans, President Smith worked his whole life with Meyrell Lynch on Wall Street as an executive director, so he knows how to make good business plans!!! On sunday we put those plans that we had made into action with our branch, we made some pretty sweet plans, and the members promised that they were going to promise God to go their parts!

           So my comp and I got the great Idea to contact the store directly in front of the church. We found a new family of 2, they immediately accepted books of mormon and baptism dates. Haha, why didn't we contact their 3 months ago!?!?!?! we are so dumb but oh well. The 20 year old daughter told us that she had received her answer the first night! She explained how the first 7 chapters of 1st nephi have changed her life!!!!! Haha it was awesome, they didn't come to church cuz they are super poor and run a small thrift clothing store in front of the church, and the person that was supposed to come and take over for them on sunday didn't show up, but they were actually more bummed out than us! We talked to them after church and they told us how sad they were and how they promise that next week they're going to come to church with us=) We have been searching for the chosen people all over ixta, but they were literally just sitting 10 outside of the front door of the church. they are scheduled to be baptized the 25th of June, so if I have changes this next week I obviously won't be here for the baptisms which would be sad, but at least they would be getting baptized.
                By the way changes are next tuesday, so sunday night, the 29th of May, we will know if i'll be having changes or not. I've got 4.5 months here, 3 changes, so it's a 70 percent shot that i'll be having changes to go to my last area!! How crazy.

                Selene is still reading the book of mormon, this week they were traveling a little bit so we only got to see her once, but she is doing good, still reading and praying!

               This week we found out that Gaspar and his wife's new baby boy is all better. We gave him a blessing last week cuz he had been sick for a while and apparently by the next day he was all healed up 100%, another miracles by the power of the priesthood!

             This week was a good week for my comp and I, we are working hard and have been blessed to be able to find some of the chosen people who were waiting for us. I hope and pray that this week God will help us find some more of the chosen people who are waiting for us. This week I was thinking, I trust God, but does God trust me? Does he trust me enough to give me perfect references/his chosen children who are waiting to find the truth? I have to keep doing my part so that he will confide in me his most chosen children. I know the gospel is true and I love seeing how it answers every question that we could possibly have. God is perfect and so is his church, we the members are the only imperfect things in his church! I love you all so much, this week I challenge you all to earn God's confidence so that he will bless you with the things you need but don't know you need=)

love you all, have a great week

Elder McLeod