Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

5.9.16 An Off Week

May 9, 2016

Hey everyone happy 1 day late mother's day! Hope it was great and relaxing for all the moms out there, and even if it wasn't that amazing, just know that here they don't really even celebrate it, so you've all got it gooooooooooooood over there in the states=)

                 Ya so we don't have a ton of time because we are with the zone leaders in HueHue, tomorrow we are going to go to the temple in Xela, my comps mom passed away in an accident the day before mother's day, (saturday morning), so under special permission from president smith we are going to go to the temple tomorrow. All thoughts and prayers for the Yabarrena Bravo family would be greatly appreciated.

                This week was a really off week, and when I say that it was an off week, I mean it. It just seemed like there was not a single person in Ixta that wanted to talk to us, I'm not sure why cuz everyone was home, it was just a really off week. We had some visits and found some news, but besides that, nothing else happened. I know that this is going to be the worst letter ever, but ya we have to go.......... so i'm sorry but I love you all a ton, the church is true, everything is true, please help the missionaries when you are at even though they are eating american food and are not living in small villages up in the jungle, they need some love and help also. Just know that i am doing good and that I am pretty healthy, the work here is moving along slowly but surely. Have an awesome week you guys, keep the faith.


Elder McLeod