Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

10.03.16 Last Week Going Strong!

Hey everybody today is the last p day i'll ever have as a missionary!! Sad to think that this is it, but I am super happy and content because I know that i served 100% and that I left it all on the field. I don't regret anything, I wasn't a perfect missionary either, but I was constantly progressing, learning, and improving over these past 2 years. Last night some older lady in our ward came up to me and said, now elder mcleod, never go inactive!!! Haha I just told her that I only converted 1 person in my mission, it was me. And it's the truth, I know it's all true, and I'm so stoked to be able to apply what i've learned in the mission to regular life!  This week was super short but awesome, here's the update-

This general conference was awesome, I loved the talk by Dallin H. Oaks, THe talk by Ballard, and the talk by Nelson, those 3 were my 3 favorites! This was my 5th and final general conference in the mission....... haha I was blessed to be able to start and end the mission with a general conference.

This week Brenda came to general conference and she loved it. Her daughter is super cute, pics attached! This week I had my final interview, then my comp got called to train so he had to go to the new trainers meeting. This week we had a ton of meetings so our days weren't amazing, but we did work hard when we could. We contacted like animals and we taught as much as we could, I'm happy with how it went.

Ya so my comp is training, he is super pumped but super scared! This will be his second time training, the first time he trained, he trained a kid from brazil, but now he thinks he will be getting a gringo so he's nervous. Turns out that my grandchild is training also!! So i'm a great grandpa in the mish!!! Haha that means that the kid I trained ended up training also, and his kid just got called to train this change!! Haha it doesn't happen too often so we are excited haha.

So Today we will just finish saying goodbye to people and take care of some bank stuff. Yesterday I said goodbye to a ton of families, and today will probably be the same.

Well we are gonna go get stuff done, but I love you guys a ton! Have a good next couple days. I'll see you guys on Thursday!!


Elder McLeod