Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

7.4.16 Quick Email, Interview Week

Hey everyone how's it going. This week was another really great week for us, we were able to accomplish a ton, and we had awesome zone interviews with president. we have 0 time so i'm gonna go quick again.

  1. In interviews, president expressed to me how I need to animate my comp, apparently he has been super close to going home all throughout the mish cuz he gets super dis animated and just wants to go home. In the interview he just told me to drag him around to make him work. He told me to wake him up whatever means possible in the mornings=) he is a good guy, but he justs let himself get down really quickly, president even told me to carry around a ball to play catch with him in the streets if he gets really bummed out.
  2. We had 4 in church this sunday, 2 of them were new and they really liked the church! THey got along really well with members, but couldn't stay for more than the 1st hour.
  3. We have a plan to meet every member family here in our area. Our area is super small so we won't have to walk very far. We have plans to meet at least 1 new family everyday, we are doing this with hopes to meet most all of the active and less active families, and find references. We are going to go and fish in the bigger stream, not just the little stream of ¨¨church leader families¨¨ we tend to always fish in. We are excited cuz we see a huge opportunity to gain confidence with the members and meet a lot of new people/ new investigators.
  4. I hit 21 months this last week........ haha everyone in the mission calls me old even though I ¨¨still feel young¨¨. Changes are next week so we will see what happens, maybe they will be changing my comp, but maybe not.
Ya so this week was good. I am super happy and excited to work here. There are a lot of prepared people here for us to find!!! I love you guys, have an awesome week.

Elder McLeod

ps attached pic is of a table someone put in their mayan style restaurant, here you can see what most of the people here cook with, still to this day!