Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

9.19.16 Week 1 With My New And Last Comp

Hey everyone how's it going! Here we are, 1 week down and only 2 to go with my new and final companion!!! He is a really cool guy, last week I wrote about him so you already know where he's from and stuff, we have been getting along super well, this half change that i'll have with him is gonna be so sick.

So Brenda came to church on sunday! And she brought her 4 year old daughter ashley, she was sooooooooooo cute not gonna lie. They both loved church, they only could stay for 2 hours but that's ok, they loved it and said that next week they are going to come back!

We learned how to make some traditional guatemalan dishes, when I get home i'll make them and they are gonna be soooooooooo good.

This week was independence week for guatemala, needless to say it was crazy, and very hard to do missionary work. But we worked the whole week and had some little success.

We are healthy

Recently we have been finding some huge  tarantula babies in the house!! They are HUGE and have big fangs, pics below.
Well we have to go, we actually have to get some other stuff done, but this week was awesome and I know that this next week is going to be a whole lot better. I love you guys a ton, keep the faith and keep helping the missionaries!!!


Elder McLeod