Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

7.18.16 New Comp! He Is A Gringo!

Hey everyone i'm so pumped!!!! I hope you guys had awesome weeks, I definitely had an awesome week also, we had changes on tuesday and I got a gringo!!! His name is elder Hall, he is from Heber Utah, and this is his last change in the mission, so it looks like i'm gonna end up killing someone after all! He is a super chill guy, we get along/work really well. But that means that he will not be my last comp, I will have one more after this change, but that does mean that I'm gonna die here in calvario!

                  This week Norma and her daughter went to church which was awesome, it was their first time and they loved it! The members loved them which was great, they fit right in from the moment they walked in.

                    We had our zone activity today, we went to laguna chicabal! It is a lake way high up in the crater of a volcano!! Its super pretty, and it took a long time to get there, but it was worth it. When you get to the mouth of the volcano, you have to walk down more than 500 stairs!! IT's huge, and super awesome, we also found a bunch of mayan stuff down by the lake.

                   This week a super awesome member of our ward passed away, and we were given permission to attend his funeral and burial. It was cool how the church did it. It was sad obviously, but at the same time I felt a huge feeling of hope as I listened to the speakers and looked at all the people.

                  we visited like crazy this week, even though a ton of lesson appointments fell, we were able to find a lot of new people to teach, including new families.

                    This thursday we are having a multizone conference, my last one! It's gonna be good, i'm super excited. We are then all going to have our temple recommend interviews, and on friday we are doing divisions with the zone leaders, cuz the district leaders can.

                   We are healthy and happy and working hard, he wants to die workin hard and so do I, so we have the same mindset and goal which is great.

                      We don't have much time do to your  lake trip, but next week i'll have more pics and stories for you, until then just know that everything is great and that I love all of you guys. Keep going to church and studying your scriptures. Develop attributes of christ, and obey the commandments exactly. I love you guys, keep going strong, we will see you next week.


Elder McLeod