Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

8.15.16 Quick Update

Hey everyone, this is my comps last week in the mish which is crazy. I hope you all are doing great, we are doing awesome here in Calvario Xela. The huracan thats been hitting guatemala has affected us a little bit, its been raining non stop here in the valley, but over in the coast apparently its a whole different story. Its funny cuz if it rains a lot, the attendance in church drops a ton............ haha dont understand it=)

WE learned how to make a 3 milk cake!! ITs so good, ill teach ya when I get home dont worry, we do it so good that our investigator was ranting about how we could sell cake haha, ya we cant do that, but its super fun to make and its an easy way to gain confidence quick with people.

My comp had his last interview with president this week.............. on his birthday (the 12th), haha he is pretty baggy but he told me that he wants to work hard till the end which is awesome. He only has 8 days left in the mish, haha so next week I will be receiving my new, and last, companion!

This week we found some new investigators who are super good at reading scriptures which is super rare here. They love to read and they always ask us questions about nefi and lehi, and always, why did nefi have to kill Laban??? Haha I love these people!=)

We went to a mayan altar this week and saw some hand carved mayan stuff from over thousands of years ago! It was super pretty, I love the mayan culture here its so interesting.

So I love you guys a ton and I need you to keep reading your scriptures and praying, and keeping the sabbath day holy, MAKE IT A DELIGHT!!! Love you guys, have a great week of highschool football!


Elder McLeod