Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

9.05.16 Successful Week!!

Wow this week was a super awesome/ tiring week! Hope you all had another great week of Highschool, NFL , and College football, I heard BYU beat Arizona on a last second field goal, too bad, but i'm sure it was a good game. Everything here is perfect, the weather is nice, it's always raining a little and it's windy, I love it. My comp and I are working really hard together, this week we found 8 new investigators and had 27 sit down in the house lessons!!! It was an awesome week.

We had 5 people in church which was sweet, Indyra and her sister Patty came. I don't know if I've told you about them, but they are two sisters, both single and 40 years old, one is divorced. They are inactive in their church and are both reading the book of mormon and coming to church. Patty is in 2 nephi 5 and Indyra is in 1 Nephi 17, Patty has come to church 2 times, and Indyra has come 3 times! They are super positive, the only problem like the book of mormon says is that the lamanites cling to their traditions even though they openly admit that their traditions are false. That's been the hardest part, traditions. But little by little.

Edna is the friend of Indyra, she has come once to church with us and she like it. She is finishing 1st nefi right now and is reading like crazy. She is very positive also, but she has the same problem as ever here, she knows her traditions are false, but doesn't want to give them up. Little by little.

Margarito, this guy is a stud. He is an inactive pentecostal member, he is 60 years old and he builds houses. This guy came to church with us this week and stayed the whole 3 hour block! He loved it, he felt really good and he learned a lot. He loved that the church has so many programs geared towards helping the members, on sunday we talked about auto sufficiency which he loved cuz he is currently searching for work. He is currently reading the book of mormon and already has a couple of friends that attend our ward.

Brenda. Brenda we contacted while eating ice cream haha. She is a single mom, also inactive in her family's church, and wants to know the truth. She is reading the BOM and praying everyday, but she hasn't been to church yet. She has a 4 year old daughter named Ashley who is super cute, once they come to church I know that Brenda will want to keep going. Its cool cuz she gives us free ice cream a lot=)

Carolina, well she is a different story. Single mom of two boys, her husband passed away about 2 years ago, and she has been struggling every since. She has many addictions and problems that hold her back from feeling the spirit. It's been tough with her, she did come to church once and she liked it, but because of her addictions it makes it really hard to teach her, her addictions have affected her ability to learn and process information a lot, we have to explain everything super slowly, but little by little she's progressing.

Cantel has a new branch president, he has a pupusa business here in our area. He told us that whenever we want, we are welcome to come and eat whatever we want for free!!! We did it today, haha they even give us imported barqs root beer for free=)

Well, it looks like there are only 4 weeks left (My companion told me exactly how many days I have left haha), but i'm not counting my time. I know I'll be sad when it's all over, but I'm excited to go and apply everything i've learned but in the real world. Im working as hard as I can cuz I know that I can make a HUGE difference here in these next 4 weeks. I know that we will see MANY miracles in these next 4 weeks, but only if we have the Lord's confidence. We always have confidence in the Lord, but does he have confidence in us???? that's the big question, and if you aren't sure, go and earn his confidence. Have a great week, Gain his confidence, We don't receive blessings when we need them, but only when we obey the commandments upon which said blessings are predicated.

Love you all

Elder McLeod