Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

8.08.16 Stake Conference And The Flu

Hey everyone hope you are having a good first couple weeks back to school!! Can't believe that summer is gone and now we are rolling into fall, but that's good cuz that means that football is starting up!!!! Not to mention that the olympics are currently taking place, means i'm gonna miss a ton of sports action, but that's ok. i heard that the USA is dominating, but thats all ive heard and i don't really know what's going on.

We had stake conference and had 4 investigators in church which wasn't so bad. Elder Alonso came to speak and did an awesome job. During the whole conference there was crazy lightning and thundering going on outside, and it was cool cuz it was hot so all of the doors and windows were opened so we could feel the strong winds and see the lightning and thundering during the conference.

This week one of our investigator families invited us to come over and eat lunch with them. They are going to be putting a restaurant soon, so they wanted us to try all of the different types of bbq wings that they are going to be selling! We ate so many wings it was amazing! They have tons of money so they import everything from the states, haha they used sweet baby ray's bbq sauce!!!! It was awesome, pics below. They also gave us crepes with hershey's chocolate on them, nutella, and real vanilla ice cream, it was soooooooooo good.

So this week i got super sick...... it was weird cuz it happened so fast, one moment we were eating lunch at a members house, and the next i was throwin up and in bed. I got a random 102 degree fever, everything just happened super super fast. Don't know what happened, but it did. I was asleep until 7 pm, we then went out and got an important lesson in, then went home to sleep again. This was friday, by saturday night i was 100% ok, but today they still want to test me to see what i had. Hopefully everything comes out clean and we are good to go. I feel perfectly fine right now, but who knows what happened, and hopefully it doesn't happen again.

This week we continued with our list of less active families, so far we have found more that 10 less active families,and we are working trying to reactivate them. We are also asking for references always, less actives usually have the best references, so we are working shoulder to shoulder with the less actives.

We went to the temple this week!!!! IT was great, technically it was my last trip to the temple until i go through on my last day. I received a couple of answers that I needed to some questions I had. It was cool, I learned some cool things. The spirit is always super strong there, it's always a good experience

Well ya so this week was pretty interesting besides the regular visiting and teaching people. My testimony is growing everyday, and I honestly feel like i'm growing and getting spiritually tougher. Through trials we learn and grow, they are examples of god's love, and I'm super happy that there are a lot here. Read your scriptures and you will be blessed, never stop doing the small things. I love you guys a ton, have fun going back to school, have an awesome week of highschool football!!!!!


Elder McLeod