Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Guatemala

9.26.16 Well today is day number 726...... my comp told me

Hey everyone how's it going!! This week was a killer week for us, we are working super hard up here, calvario is seeing a ton of miracles!!! My comp told me i've got these many days in the mish, i'm not keeping track i promise, i'm not baggy.

This week we had 8 investigators in church!!! That is not a typo, we had 8 and we were stinkin psyched!!!! The members were are super jacked, everyone keeps joking with me and telling me that i'm baggy, but after all 8 of the investigators walked in they stopped talkin trash, It was pretty awesome.

Margarito, is a beast. Haha he is dreaming like crazy, but the best part is that he told us a bunch of doctrinal dreams that he had had a couple of years ago, but that he had never found the answers to what his dreams meant, he searched in all the churches but never found the answers, until we started teaching him!! IT was stinkin legit, he is super sick so he couldn't come to church, but we will be getting baptized in october for sure.

Patty is reading  like crazy, she always has awesome questions. She came to church on sunday and has come 4 times now, I think she will be getting baptized in october also, but we will see, miracles always happen!!

We contacted 50 people this week, that is a heck of a lot for our area size and dats history. We were killin it, we didn't find too many positive people but we did find a couple.

Besides all of that stuff, we have been working hard and trying to find the chosen people. This last week was super fun and successful, and I want this week to be just as if not even more successful and sick. We are working hard till the bitter end! But always enjoying every minute of it. We are in good health, it rains a lot but it's actually pretty nice. I love all of you guys a ton, this is my second to last p day as a missionary, it's sad, but I always knew that one day it would eventually have to come to an end. Well, have an awesome week, we will talk next monday!!


Elder McLeod